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  1. UnboundChef215

    Hello are you guys just not going to do anything>?
  2. UnboundChef215

  3. UnboundChef215

    Any Progress on my ban?
  4. UnboundChef215

  5. UnboundChef215

    No clantags were on that account
  6. UnboundChef215

    no i didn't
  7. UnboundChef215

    I would love to be able to play on server 2 because it is always populated. And The other account that I was originally banned on was called thecodbeast
  8. UnboundChef215

    The original account I got banned on was called thecodbeast
  9. UnboundChef215

    what do you mean? I was banned and I genuinely don't know why. I just finished making a video on server 1. So everything works there but I just can't join server two
  10. UnboundChef215

    Yes I can join both of them
  11. UnboundChef215

    I started playing not too long ago and love playing but I don't understand why I was banned. Maybe 1 week ago? It confused me because I hadn't played in 2 days and then all of a sudden I was banned.
  12. UnboundChef215

    Waw Ban Appeal In-Game Name: Grinding, Mr_Chef. I can't join on any of them Server 1 or Server 2: Server 2 The admin that banned you (If You Know): N/A Ban Length (If You Know): Permanent Reason for your ban (If You Know): No Idea Why you wish to be unbanned: I would love to be unbanned because this server is the only high XP server that is populated and has active admins. I love playing on there and the First server is sometimes down but being able to switch from either server would be awesome! Any other comments: I played on the server for what I would say was 1 hour. I got off and two days later I joined then got banned Instantly. No idea what I was banned for And I believe I should be unbanned Since I don't believe I did anything that would have broken the rules.
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