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  1. Tydro1

    Yeah its pretty funny to complain about spawning killing when there are plenty of servers you could essentially turn into your own for free
  2. So Many Servers Does anyone find it strange that there are still so many servers up that are completely empty? I mean I cant imagine the last I saw any server populated other than pde, the cracked. the tac server, and maybe 1 or two others. Are all these people still paying for the nothing?
  3. Tydro1

    Hello All Hey guys, been playing on the servers for awhile so I figured Id make a post here. I used to play cod with NRNS back when that was a thing and i focused mainly on WaW. Im pretty knowledeable about the game as must of us are after playing for so long. Im usually lurking on the discord and always looking for people to play with for zombies or multiplayer.
  4. Tydro1

    I dont think its a problem with 12 people in a match but with upwards of 40 it can get hectic. Id like to see if it can be removed from the perk that gives you extra secondary grenades or make it so teammates cant be affected by it if it cant be banned all together.
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