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  1. Tydro1

    Welcome to the forum glad to have you here
  2. Kar 98 just because the sights are amazing
  3. Tydro1

    I wish they would stop releasing a new game every year and just make a good one for once. With the way gaming is going this will cost much more than its worth with the base game on top of the DLC released on launch and all the cosmetics. Haven't they realized that peer to peer is also terrible?
  4. glad to see there way an easy way to fix the annoying connection interruptions although ill need to come up with a new excuse when im on a death streak
  5. Tydro1

    Glad to have you on the forums, hope to see you in game!
  6. Tydro1

    On my older machine I literally couldn't run the game the lag was so bad, I fixed it by typing r_fullbright 1 into the console to remove shadows. Dont know for sure if this is allowed on PDE servers so I would wait for someone will else have to comment on that before trying. If none of the suggestions above work you may as well try reinstalling.
  7. One of the large EU servers will be closing up shop at the end of the month so I think if we coordinate a time we could populate it for good. Could we do a poll similar to the one in game "do you !dislike or !like this map?" another one could be added that says something like "would you like to see a objective server" and see how many people are interested.
  8. Is it possible to make Seelow Headquarters? The map is pretty predictable and always chokes at the rail in the center. While a lot of maps have center choke points I think that because of Seelows size there is a lot of potential play styles and loud outs that arent being utilized because the side buildings are neglected in TDM. This would be for Server 2 btw
  9. Tydro1

    Yeah its pretty funny to complain about spawning killing when there are plenty of servers you could essentially turn into your own for free
  10. So Many Servers Does anyone find it strange that there are still so many servers up that are completely empty? I mean I cant imagine the last I saw any server populated other than pde, the cracked. the tac server, and maybe 1 or two others. Are all these people still paying for the nothing?
  11. Tydro1

    Hello All Hey guys, been playing on the servers for awhile so I figured Id make a post here. I used to play cod with NRNS back when that was a thing and i focused mainly on WaW. Im pretty knowledeable about the game as must of us are after playing for so long. Im usually lurking on the discord and always looking for people to play with for zombies or multiplayer.
  12. Tydro1

    I dont think its a problem with 12 people in a match but with upwards of 40 it can get hectic. Id like to see if it can be removed from the perk that gives you extra secondary grenades or make it so teammates cant be affected by it if it cant be banned all together.
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