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  1. Simmy

    I am all for a third server featuring more game modes but not at the cost of lowering the player counts on our current servers. WaW is best experienced with high player counts like we currently have and lowering the player count would make the servers less enjoyable in my opinion. Also at peak times and on peak days the servers max out and fill up and they can be hard to get in to. Lowering player counts would also make this a much bigger problem. Sure you can say they can join the new server, however game mode related gameplay is not for everyone so this isn't an option for some people.
  2. Simmy

    Actually playing Dome 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮
  3. I didn't play the beta but I did watch a fair bit of Twitch streams of it so I think I can give somewhat of my opinion on the game. The Good > In terms of visuals I think the game looks great. Animations and textures are the best CoD has ever had. This is an area Infinity Ward improved upon greatly. CoD has not looked this good for a long time. > The new 2 vs 2 mode seems like a great addition to the series and would definitely be something I would play as someone who love competitive games. > The more realistic tone they are going for this game is a nice change of pace. I think this will lead to a very good campaign. > Crossplay is an interesting addition to the series. The Bad > The netcode seems to be the worst it has ever been. It is unacceptable levels of bad based of what I have seen on streams. I watched a streamers shots not register on player who was standing directly still while the streamer was shooting and firing at his head. > The map design seems very poor based off what I saw in the beta. There are too many places for enemies to hide in and too many angles to check. > Lighting seems to be an issue. Players who are in dark areas of the map seem too hard to see and this is something that needs fixing. I saw multiple people complaining about this. > The new 32 vs 32 seems lackluster. Why am I going to play this when I can play Battlefield that offers this same type of gameplay and does it much better. > Modern Warfare is Battlenet exclusive. I believe it not being on steam will hurt the amount of PC players willing to buy the game. The Very Ugly > The Co-op mode Spec Ops being 1 year exclusive to Playstation 4. Cutting content from other platforms and making exclusivity deals with that content with one platform in a 60 dollar game is completely unacceptable. Even if I loved the beta I think I would completely avoid purchasing the game on this sole decision alone. I think this kind of exclusivity deal is completely unacceptable and disgusting. As someone who loved Spec Ops in MW2 and 3, I am very disappointed to hear Activision would do something like this. > People have been searching through the files from the beta and they have found that they will be locking weapons in supply drops. This is no surprise to me since they have done it past titles like Black Ops 3 and 4. It is still something I find extremely scummy and will never support though. Pay to win DOES NOT belong in a 60 dollar game. Video Example of the Terrible Net Code https://www.twitch.tv/roco1003/clip/LovelyStormyMelonCharlietheUnicorn?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time
  4. I disagree with a lot of what has been said in here but the majority seems to have spoken and that is fair enough. At least I tried.
  5. Should Bouncing Betties Be Removed? So what do you guys think about removing bouncing betties from the servers? I jokingly made a comment about this in another thread but I actually think the removal of bouncing betties from the servers would heavily improve the experience on the servers. Bouncing betties do nothing but promote boring, uninteresting, unfun campy gameplay! First off betties take absolutely NO SKILL to use! You just have to place them randomly somewhere and bang you are granted a free kill or two because the player was not running bomb squad and because they are hard as hell to see if not placed in an obvious spot. Sure they have a counter perk which is bomb squad but since betties take so little skill to use why not just remove them entirely instead of having us waste an important perk slot? Banning betties would allow us to not waste an important perk slot to counter betties and would allow use to use it on much more important things like satchel charges, bazooka rounds, or an extra nade to help take out tanks or bandolier for more ammo. Other Call of Duties have claymores which are similar to betties but at least they have an obvious red laser so you can spot them and take them out easily without bomb squad. Spotting betties without bomb squad is extremely difficult or even impossible if they are placed well because they are so damn small. I think almost everyone here hates camping. Removing the betties from the servers would heavily reduce this type of playstyle and create a much more fast paced and fun experience everyone enjoys. #MAKEWAWGREATAGAINBYREMOVINGBETTIES 😏
  6. Simmy

    What makes this even better is that the last kill was on that camping goof ipix 😂 Do you have an Nvidia graphics card btw? You should look into shadowplay. It has the ability to record the last 10 minutes of all your gameplay. So if you hit a nice kill or clip and you are not actively recording you can hit the shadowplay button to save the last 10 minutes of your gameplay.
  7. Simmy

    I've gotten so good at WaW that I now top frag on both teams at the same time 😂 I have no idea who this was BTW. Some random dude joined with this name. I must have a fan 😏
  8. Simmy

    Makin is probably the best map in the game for artilleries that isn't Dome. It is so easy to farm arty kills with every major spawn point. My favorite place to drop the artillery is when they spawn at the little shrine area near the top of the lake. Easy 4 plus kill artillery every damn time.
  9. Simmy

    Glad to be a part of the team! Thanks to everyone who showed support 😘
  10. Simmy

    The mad lad actually won as marines 😮
  11. I think the new Call of Duty is actually looking pretty good. This is the most effort they have put into a new CoD in a long ass time. I am optimistic about at the moment. We will have to wait see if it turns out good. One thing I have heard major complaints about from people who have played it is having no mini map is a big mistake and I absolutely agree. The mini map gives you so much information in Call of Duty and without one it will just lead to a camp fest. Not knowing where shots are coming from will just lead to people head glitching and waiting for people to come to them. If no mini map is added I do not think I have any interest in playing this game. It will just be a straight up camp fest.
  12. Simmy

    I appreciate the yes, Nickypoo! I love helping keeping the servers clean as an admin and have no plan on going anywhere anytime soon so it just felt right to finally apply.
  13. Simmy

    Simmy's Application Name: SimmyIn-game name: Simmy-_-Country: United StatesCity: Huntington Beach, CA Age: 23 Do You Have Any Other Games?: I have a lot of games on steam actually. I am kind of known as a game hoarder among my close friends lol. I have over 1000 games that I have accumulated over the years through steam sales and humble bundles. Some other games I play often besides World at War are: Killing Floor 2, Rocket League, Rainbow Six: Siege, Modern Warfare 2, The Far Cry series, and various other single players games including Crash Bandicoot, Doom 2016, The Batman Arkham Asylum games, The Bioshock series and more. My taste in games is very large and I love trying and playing all types of games. I don't only just play shooters How long have you been playing in PDE Servers?: I have been playing for nearly a year now. What are you good at? Any game skills?: I am good at various games. Any game I get into I tend to play it until I get good at it. I am pretty competitive person and always love improving and getting better at the games I play. I love playing any game with a high skill ceiling! Some games that I am good at are: Call of Duty 4, World at War, Titanfall 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Killing Floor 2, Rocket League and more. Any shooter I tend to sink my teeth into I tend to get good at it. FPS is definitely the genre of game I am best at Some game stats: World at War: 3.80 Kill/death ratio, Call of Duty 4: 3.10 Kill/death ratio, Modern Warfare 2: 3.0 Kill/death ratio, Titanfall 2 : 4.1 Kill/death ratio against pilots and 9.0 overall KDR. I am also champion rank in Rocket League which is I believe the top 5 percent of that game. I am also currently number 27 on gametracker for server 2! Introduce Yourself: My name is Simmy and I am sure many of you around here have seen me on the forums here or playing on one of the servers. I am a lifelong gamer who loves classic old school shooters like Call of Duty 4, WAW, MW2, Black Ops, The Halo series and Left 4 Dead. I am also a big movie guy. I try to get my butt to the theaters every weekend and watch various other films throughout the week at home. My favorite film genre by far is Horror. If you ever need a scary movie recommendation I am your guy 😉. I have seen everything from The Thing to Texas Chainsaw Massacre.I plan to go to school for film sometime soon. I also enjoy the sport mixed martial arts and would love to take martial arts classes myself some day. What do you think about PDG?: PDE/PDG runs the best Call of Duty servers period in my opinion. I am long time CoD player and have played on many different servers across the Call of Duties and none of them were ran anywhere near as well as PDE. I have witnessed and received so much abuse by bad admins on various other Call of Duty servers it is ridiculous. I have witnessed other players and have been the victim of being banned for just being a good player on some of these other servers. This is something I have never witnessed on the PDE/PDG servers! I have not seen one person be unbanned unfairly like I saw all the time on various other Call of Duty 4 and Black Ops servers. PDE has the fairest admins on all of the Call of Duties as far as I can tell. That is why I love playing on these server and love doing everything I can to help keep them populated and clean of hackers and rule breakers now that I am an admin myself. Fun fact: I have convinced 4 of my friends to buy World at War and play on the servers quite regularly with me. I love letting anyone I can know that World at War is still thriving and has a dedicated playerbase on PDE
  14. Thanks for this. This is helpful. I will be binding various phrases to NumPad so it is easier to respond to certain things players ask or say.
  15. Simmy

    I was responsible for the second ban. I personally approve of him getting one last chance. It is up to one of the higher up admins if they want to unban you or not though. Just remember if you are unbanned you will not be getting another chance. Do not reload cancel/glitch shoot or break any other rules in the future.
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