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  1. Thanks for the Unban.. But since the game has very few players, i think the reason "Reload canceling" should be more tolerated towards none abusive players. Thats my honest opinion.
  2. The game is basically dead if it wasn't for PDE and JFF.. now that i am banned from PDE and JFF is down.. I think atleast i am entitled to defend myself. I used to play on JFF, and after their closer, i decided to buy the game and try PDE.
  3. Dude.. I bought the game 5 days ago, i don't know how to even do that! And yet, can't i be warned first.. Before a permanent ban? I definitely will apply to the rules now that i am informed (still i didn't know what the h is reload canceling before). Thanks for replying.
  4. I was banned for absolutly nothing - video proof. Hey guys I was banned an Hour ago (16:40 GMT) for absolutely nothing at all! Info's requested : Server : #1 Admin that banned you : dont know, no one chatted with a PDE tag Ban Length : Permanent (!!!) Reason for your ban : Hmm Nothing ? Why you wish to be unbanned: I play only PDE #1 because of the good ping. Any other comments: Here is a video proof (reduced quality for faster upload, i have it on HD if requested): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISpFVsVKWQA
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