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  1. Vass

    Thank you! It worked like a charm
  2. Paul .. you're right. As a group of 8 - 12 players playing together, we very often join some unknown servers that has good ping to our location, but that doesnt seem to do the trick. Why ? because i think most cod players are impatient and the majority of players just sort the servers by the players count and join the most active ones. Is there a way to put like bots on servers when they're empty so that gamers would notice them more ? I know many COD4 servers that do this trick to attract more players.. C4S is a great candidate to do this since i think they implemented it on their cod4 servers before. I wish i can d anything to solve this problem, but alone i can't. (certainly will try though)
  3. Thats why i precisely said : I think i speak on behalf of the majority of players (that i personally know) That was an opinion coming from a group of players that plays WaW on PDE almost everyday on a private gaming cyber caffee. Thats all ^^
  4. Vass

    I forgot to add that i tried -cybopat- COD WAW player, but when i open a demo, it crashes the game and gives me this info : Cod WaW Campaign / Coop stoped working. So i guess its opening Coop rather than Multiplayer, does anyone knows a fix for this ?
  5. Demo Commands Hey guys, I want to ask about the timescale command while playing demos, it seems useless as it doesnt do any impact on the timescale. Is there a solution or a trick to actually getting it to work? or maybe an older version (cracked) that supports this command? I remember around 2014 COD4 also had the same problem, and it was fixed after almost a year with an update. Any suggestions ? Have a nice day all
  6. Hey Paul I think i speak on behalf of the majority of players (that i personally know), we really really want a normal XP (+10) and if its not possible, at least make headshots a +1000, because those odd numbers really messes up the experience of say a triple headshot collat. And War Mode has become a "lust" for most WaW players, so if its possible a 3rd server with War Mode and a max players 16 or 18 maybe ? Other than that we appreciate anything we can get from you guys.
  7. Vass

    Thanks Embah, your answer is totally comprehensible. I think it should be pinned because i usually enter the server with friends and they too are in the dark about it. Great
  8. RC Clarifications Hey guys This thread is about clarifying the bannable situations regarding reload canceling. After taking a thorough tour on the forums, i couldnt get sufficient information. I understand that regular RC (Reload + Switching weap) isnt allowed, my question is about the following situations (using PTRS while on reload animation as an example) : Chamber has 1 bullet, while suddenly an enemy appears : Throwing a nade, then shooting (that will kill the animation temporarily ) Panic running (while getting shot). (that will kill the animation temporarly) Knifing the enemy (that will kill the animation temporarily) Throwing a special grenade (that will kill the animation temporarily) Chamber has 0 bullets, while suddenly an enemy appears : Panic Running (that will kill 40% of the animation) Throwing a nade or a special nade (that will kill 40% of the animation) Knifing the enemy (that will kill 40% of the animation) ----------------- This is just sheer curiosity, because these are real situations that happens frequently on a populated server. Plus, i am totally keen on not getting banned again
  9. Vass

    I cant express how much you made my day XRay.. i won't disapoint you!
  10. Vass

    For the reason that i didnt fully understand the rule, and i am really really regretful for anything i did wrong I never cheated, i am not looking for stacking kills for YT vids, i am just looking for fun and a platform to connect with friends. Embah i think you're one of the most active admins on the server, i am all yours at any time to spectate
  11. Vass

    Ban Appeal Hello guys Info requested : In-Game Name: RepZVass Server 1 or Server 2: Both Admin that banned you (If You Know): I dont know Ban Length (If You Know): Perm Reason for your ban (If You Know): Reload C Why you wish to be unbanned: I was banned 3 months ago for this video : first, i want to express my utmost respect to all of you keeping WaW alive. Now i am not here to make any excuses for my ban, i just want to tell you that after i was unbanned for the first time i went and took a look at a post made by Paul.. I wrongly understood that the bannable part in reload canceling is stacking kills for clips and such, but not after my bullet chamber is empty. After my ban, i played on JFF like i have for many years, but now after their shutdown theres no way to play the game because all the servers are empty. I would like to apologize to you guys for any wrong doing from my part, and if by any chance i am unbanned i urge you to spectate me whenever you can I wont disapoint you, and please dont kill my love for this beautiful game. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
  12. Vass

    Wanting to play WAW Hello guys, I am banned from your servers and i already made an unban appeal here : I want to express my extreme respect to all of you who are loyal to the game, but since my ban i wasnt able to play on any server besides PDE because of the actual fun experience and playing with friends that we go years back on WaW. So i am appealing to please here me out, heck i wont use PTRS in my life ever again haha Thank you
  13. Vass

    Because of the community and friends!
  14. Vass

    I Understand @PaulKersey I would like to pledge to you guys that i would like to have a second chance and i will try my best to adapt. As for C4S, i played on there servers on COD4.. nothing but true fun! But reality is .. If i am banned from PDE, that means Uninstall game
  15. Am i Perm Banned ? Hello guys, Template as requested : In-Game Name: RepZVass Server 1 or Server 2: #1 Admin that banned you (If You Know): / Ban Length (If You Know): Perm Reason for your ban (If You Know): Reload cancel Comment : Now, i myself ran a community before (RepZ Servers (Later Client) MW2, i was the co founder of it.. and i like to think that i myself against anything that gives any advantages to any players. -Please watch the video on YT before continue reading- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcoQQdpDMiA&feature=youtu.be I was banned last time for reload canceling and i was unbanned because i didnt know + i didnt abuse it (Thats what the admin that unbanned me said) After that incident, i browsed the PDE forums and i found PDE PaulKersey's thread about clearing out the bannable situations regarding glitching and so on, here it is : Now i dont want to push this any further than it is, but i dont think my gameplay was remotely anything like that! I am not trying to get +40's and all those extra stupid YT ambitions. I never hacked, i never glitched! I am simply trying to play WaW on my day off from work (As its the only cod i play anymore) Its your server, your rules and your admins, i am not here to start a conflict about my situation, but i would like to ask you please watch the video and tell me if i am being "Unfair" to other players, even though my score was i think 5 kills - 15 deaths. If you think I am, and i deserve a PERM BAN, then its really ok! Thanks for keeping the game alive.
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