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  1. So they want to remove the Betties so that the retards who use the Type 100 can do whatever they want?
  2. redthread

    That's how I play, and i play with 185 ping I would like to play with the same ping of you, to see if you are good .... 👊
  3. redthread

    My new record
  4. redthread

    THE BOSS My new record 👊
  5. redthread

    Mores Caps
  6. redthread

    M1 Sniper, best weapon in the game, and my prefer.
  7. Cod WAW / for better graphics Hi guys, I want to share with you this configuration made by me, to have some better graphics in COD WAW. LINK: REMOVED
  8. redthread

    I'm from Uruguay, I have 40 mb of internet connection. I'm an old cod waw player, game since when the game was released. But now for about 3 years I have not entered the game. My router is good, what could be happening? The error that I get is this "No Or Bad Challenge address"
  9. redthread

    Connection error Hi guys, I'm an old cod waw player. But from a time it does not allow me to enter your PDE North America server. But when I try to enter it tells me connection timed out. Only with your server does that happen to me. Sorry for my bad English. Thx
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