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  1. the_slim_reefer

    Not at the expense of lowering the player count on one of the servers. Each one serves different player bases due to location; so one group would probably be against it. I would love it there were a third server with the lower player count and mixed game modes. But, as you said, if we're only scraping by to pay for two, adding a third would probably not work. There are times that both servers are full, so I think there would be a demand for it. Its kind of surprising to me that there aren't more donations given the amount of players, obviously everyone is living in a different situation and it isn't always viable; but i see CoD4 servers that are basically dead (6v6 peak times) that have donations paid through until April of next year already. I guess I'm lucky I'm in a decent situation, but I don't mind throwing in $15 or $20 a month if serious discussion around this develops; its at least a consistent monthly donation that can be relied upon. I've bounced around the last few years as servers I played on regularly have all closed (CoD4 mostly) so i don't mind chipping in where others might not be able to.
  2. the_slim_reefer

    Rehsto when have you ever played as MP40?
  3. the_slim_reefer

    maybe not to you, but somebody obviously thought it was. its totally subjective, not objective. I wouldn't hassle anyone for that name though
  4. the_slim_reefer

    can u do a kickflip?
  5. the_slim_reefer

  6. the_slim_reefer

    Pezbots is a mod you can download in order to play against bots in private matches
  7. the_slim_reefer

    probably wouldn't hurt to do so if this is the second time it has happened. Gotta be proactive/take the initiative. Do it against Pez bots or on another server against live competition though.
  8. the_slim_reefer

    Has to be. This game is 11 years old. There is a 0% the profile name of "Phil" would have been available when you began playing if you were on a legit key.
  9. the_slim_reefer

  10. the_slim_reefer

    so what you're saying, is that you yourself run a wallhack/aimbot injector? cause thats what im getting from all of this..
  11. the_slim_reefer

    he looks clean to me 🤷‍♂️
  12. the_slim_reefer

  13. the_slim_reefer

    yea dude is underrated due to playing next to Jordan. Pippen was a huge part of how the Blazers almost took the WCF in 2000. He would have had another ring if they beat the lakers there. I think they would have handled the Pacers
  14. the_slim_reefer

    since you seem to be partial to Shaq, one of his best games
  15. the_slim_reefer

    dunno if any of you guys would be interested, but there is a mod called "a tale of two wastelands" that merges New Vegas and the Capital Wasteland as one game. I haven't used it myself since those games are so life-consuming and I've played them both already, but it always piqued my interest. Might be worth looking into.
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