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  1. the_slim_reefer

  2. the_slim_reefer

    I like the idea of removing it from the 3x special grenade perk. It's super annoying when people spam it just to troll or when teammates gas each other, but a player like OhSnapUDead uses it properly and it's a big part of his play style, so i don't think it should be banned completely. Whenever he's on the other team and i get gassed i just wait for the knife.
  3. the_slim_reefer

    Curious about this myself, as i also took some footage. Some admins have told me its kind of difficult to tell since there isn't any caps on the semi-autos. I agree with Doom-Guy, but since I wasn't sure, i let it go; was going to post my own video and ask some of the admins what they think.
  4. the_slim_reefer

    He clearly doesn't care about the rules, i took this screencap on Sunday, and gave him a warning
  5. the_slim_reefer

    TickleMyPipi Your In-Game Name: [The]Slim_Reefer Cheaters In-Game Name: TickleMyPipi Which Server: S2 Reason for request: Aimbot Proof:
  6. the_slim_reefer

    robbie4545 Your In-Game Name: [The]Slim_Reefer Cheaters In-Game Name: robbie4545 Which Server: Server #2 Reason for request: no recoil, wallhacking Proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRG1JAETjhE&feature=youtu.be