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  1. the_slim_reefer

    I once played CoD4 against somebody who played like that 😄
  2. the_slim_reefer

    i might check it out when the price drops 😜 I've only ever played the very first one on PS2. Beating that game on DMD mode without spamming items was one of my finer achievements back in the day.
  3. the_slim_reefer

    It wasn't Kilroy, he doesn't do anything like that. I kinda liken him to Snap, just a guy with a unique playstyle. is it annoying? yep, sometimes, but I respect it/him. coyote44 is another player who does it, but he is far less skilled than Kilroy. Kilroy does it i think just cause thats how he plays, like i think he's just bored and trying to add a wrinkle to spice things up. coyote does it just cause he isn't very good and needs to get kills any way he can; don't really respect his use of it. Also, if you're on Dome, coyote44 ALWAYS camps the corner opposite the bottom of the staircase leading to the scaffolding, just an FYI for an easy kill. there's a couple other players who do that with betties, but they aren't on with any regularity
  4. the_slim_reefer

    bruh you just gave ME ptsd
  5. the_slim_reefer

    unless someone had a full set of chameleon armor 😄
  6. the_slim_reefer

    also i found this in FO4 once. hope i wasn't interrupting anything for this guy
  7. the_slim_reefer

    won dom on banzai as marines. figured @Simmy wouldn't believe it was possible w/o the screenshot
  8. the_slim_reefer

    i like the SVT 🙃 but the best one is the M1A1, but like Mike said, the irons on it really suck the big one. I always end up using the aperture instead of the box magazine. As weird as it sounds, i don't like the M1A1 (or the Gewehr in this case) due to the lack of recoil. I guess over the years of playing this and CoD4, you just get used to compensating for recoil, and with the lack of it on the M1A1 and the Gewehr it just feels funny to me. So that's why my preferred is the SVT. I mainly used the AK47 in CoD4, and the recoil on the SVT is similar in my opinion, so it feels right.
  9. the_slim_reefer

    I feel like Makin would suck for Domination. the A and B flag are practically next to each other. The marines will have the advantage on that map they way the japanese do on banzai. I understand it makes sense due to there being two versions of the same map, but i can't see it going well.
  10. the_slim_reefer

    feel free to stop by server 2 and play headquarters on knee deep with us anytime 😁 edit: also, yea i brought up Airfield, still in favor of trying that out.
  11. the_slim_reefer

    Type 99. Come on, an LMG with a bayonet? who tf is expecting THAT!?
  12. the_slim_reefer

    I'm on 1.7 simply because CoD4x messes up my stats/classes/profiles. And also because i've barely played CoD4 in the past year due to lack of decent servers. I keep a copy of the player profiles folder, but I lose all my gold weapons on CoD4x
  13. the_slim_reefer

    i was just hanging around on the server and it appears the first perk may be disabled? I had bandolier, but had no extra ammo. Tried C4, didn't have any when i spawned, tried 3x frag, only had one grenade. glitched maybe? Edit: think it may be all perks cause i just went back and tried overkill with an AK47/M16 and it didn't work. only got the AK and a pistol. @[PDE]PaulKersey
  14. the_slim_reefer

    is that why you then logged on to server 2 and said the EXACT same thing in chat?
  15. the_slim_reefer

    I think domination on Airfield would be fun
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