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  1. the_slim_reefer

    I'm on 1.7 simply because CoD4x messes up my stats/classes/profiles. And also because i've barely played CoD4 in the past year due to lack of decent servers. I keep a copy of the player profiles folder, but I lose all my gold weapons on CoD4x
  2. the_slim_reefer

    i was just hanging around on the server and it appears the first perk may be disabled? I had bandolier, but had no extra ammo. Tried C4, didn't have any when i spawned, tried 3x frag, only had one grenade. glitched maybe? Edit: think it may be all perks cause i just went back and tried overkill with an AK47/M16 and it didn't work. only got the AK and a pistol. @[PDE]PaulKersey
  3. the_slim_reefer

    is that why you then logged on to server 2 and said the EXACT same thing in chat?
  4. the_slim_reefer

    I think domination on Airfield would be fun
  5. the_slim_reefer

    have you thought about making it a fast XP server to make it easier on some of the players without much background in CoD4? we really took it to Mike, who didn't have any custom classes or perks/guns unlocked
  6. the_slim_reefer

    just tried it, i'm getting the old "key code in use. Try connecting later." error that comes up from time to time. Tried a few other servers and it seemed to work fine though. I have another one I use (I got a second cause of this same error on my original key lol) i'll see if that one works EDIT: ok my original key works nevermind
  7. the_slim_reefer

    Arisaka unscoped is the best in my opinion, but I have more fun using the Mosin and usually go with that. Springfield is the best scoped though
  8. the_slim_reefer

    kind of random here, but since Server 2 has moved, when rule 9 is listed via console, it no longer has the parentheses stating it applies only to LMGs and Bolts. Can this be added to it once again? There was a new player using PDI tags harassing someone for doing it with an STG and threatening to get him banned for it last night. I explained the rule to this player and he just argued with me that I was wrong. Nothing came of it, but the two were needlessly going back and forth with it for quite a while. I told him to refer to the website and he left a short while later, hopefully to check here.
  9. the_slim_reefer

    anyone looked into removing teammate collision? thats the only thing that really steams my beans sometimes
  10. is it based in NYC now? Cause my ping is even lower than before...
  11. the_slim_reefer

    I vote yes just because the amount of camping has been ridiculous lately.
  12. the_slim_reefer

    how do you expect the server to improve with that kind of outlook on things? If the server is running poorly, a donation probably would go a lot further now than when everything is back to normal. Not trying to guilt you into donating or anything, your comment just sounds super entitled to me; its not like we have to pay-to-play on this server or anything
  13. the_slim_reefer

  14. the_slim_reefer

    i think the high-player count is what draws people in actually, it does for me anyway. spawning into someone's fire or grenade happens, and it is annoying but it happens everywhere. It happens in CoD4 all the time. it isn't unique to PDE servers. I think the map rotation could be tweaked, I really don't want to play Courtyard and Dome back-to-back. We all know how those two maps play out and it just gets boring/mindless to me personally, especially where Dome is in the rotation a second time. Some days it seems like its always on Dome/Courtyard/Castle while Cliffside/Downfall rarely come through. Even Makin/Makin day comes up all the time and i feel like a lot of people hate that map.
  15. Yes, please get rid of it. I actually had been thinking of posing this question myself. My background is mostly CoD4, I used to play on the AG servers and they had this. When they closed, i switched to the zA dom server and they DIDN'T have this. They eventually implemented it as well and people thought it was a major improvement. The biggest issue in CoD4 was, for example, on Crash, the 2-story building with the rooftop sniper spot had a closet on the first floor that was a spawn point. People would troll by blocking the door, locking everyone in. it happens a lot in this game, especially at the ends of the map on Sub Pens. Everybody chokes the doorways and one nade flies in and takes everyone out. It isn't a huge problem when its off-hours, but during peak-hours it gets so bad sometimes that i just relegate myself to sniping far from the action. I mentioned this a couple years ago during a game and the admins had no idea what i was talking about....
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