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    Do you happen to have proof? I don't recall being told neither once nor twice. As you mentioned, I've been playing for nearly 3 years with no adjustments to my game-play. It's only been until now that it has been brought up to my attention. If an adjustment needs to be made so be it.
  2. PipedUp

    Unban PipedUp In-Game Name: PipedUp Server 1 or Server 2: 2 I believe Admin that banned you (If You Know): None that I know of or saw Ban Length (If You Know): Permanently Reason for your ban (If You Know): Maybe bad language? I end every winning game with "gg izpz" but I didn't think that would cause any harm... Why you wish to be unbanned: I "wish" to be unbanned because PDE always has a solid community. I am always playing with players that match my skill and I'm always having fun. Not to mention that these two servers are probably the only two most populated servers within the game. I hope to be unbanned given that without either of these servers, WaW (a personal favorite of mine) for me would be forgotten, and never returned to :[ Any other comments: If the ban was related to anything regarding a chat violation, going forward I guarantee I wouldn't say anything past "hello" and "gg". Also, it's Christmas eve and I hope you can find the sympathy in your heart to let my inner child truly have fun on Christmas day.
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