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  1. Nicktator

    A few weeks ago I accidentally fucked up my master server by verifying the integrity of the steam game files. I don’t know how that screwed it up, but the master server it wasn’t showing all the servers, and I think I accidentally fixed it back by entering one of those 1.7 servers and it brought my game back to normal.
  2. Nicktator

    Well it’s like this but only worse on CoD 2. I don’t know how to fix that one...
  3. Nicktator

    12 days, 9 hours, and 42 minutes as of right now. So if we do a quick google search on how to calculate that, that comes out to be....297 hours and 42 minutes I think. I thought it'd be more than that. I've been playing off the disk version since 2013.
  4. Nicktator

    Thank you very much!
  5. When I’m not playing video games, working part-time, or going to school, in my spare time I manage two sizable Instagram pages dedicated to my real passion, 20th century military history (specifically the World and Korean wars). They started out as interests nearly five and four years ago, respectively, and since then have grown into something I never could have imagined them to be. Long before that, however, I used to be involved (minimally) on the forums of an iOS game I used to play, and almost four years ago someone created a thread on that forum solely to discuss military history. It never really took off, but it was a pretty neat idea nonetheless. To quote the individual who made that thread, “this forum does not have much talk about the actual history of the war this game was based on.” Regarding how it would look, I'm thinking I (or anyone who wants to) would just post a picture and then provide some historical context which would be open to discussion. That's what I do on my Instagram pages. I'm not all that familiar with adding images on this type of forum (the layout/system is kinda weird when it comes to images if I remember correctly from the one time I tried to do it) so I'd have to look into that. If pictures wouldn't work, people could still post historical information. With that said, I think having a thread where anyone can come to discuss history - in this case I’m thinking World War I through Korea - would be pretty cool and might help people get to know each other through (hopefully) civilized and friendly discussions. It would also be (at least I'd hope) my first major contribution to this forum other than posting on individual topics every now and then. I want to make a positive impact on here in some way and I think this would be a great opportunity to do that. What do you guys think?
  6. Nicktator

    I think the mag on the FG42 runs out faster than the mag on the BAR tbh. That recoil is unpredictable, I'll give you that. I don't think it's that bad though. The Garand isn't that bad either. It's just not good for close quarters encounters.
  7. Join the steam group. Simmy created it so we can kickstart a player base. Invite everyone and anyone you may be friends with who might play CoD 4. It would really help.
  8. Nicktator

    Why is the BAR one of the most difficult guns to use effectively? I think it's stock slow rate of fire is really it's only major flaw. It has some recoil but that's manageable. I actually just replaced my second perk on my BAR loadout (which was Overkill) with Double Tap. That really helps a lot with that gun.
  9. Nicktator

    I haven't but I know two of my buds (CrypticMoth and BabbleRab) who are occasionally on our servers play it a lot
  10. Oh that would be interesting
  11. Nicktator

    MG42 for me. It has some moderate recoil so if you're engaging a target from a distance you can't really hold down the trigger and expect to land enough shots to drop someone, so you'll have to burst fire which helps a lot. I think rate of fire and damage are pretty great which makes it a solid machine gun to use. I'm going to assume the MG42 and M1919 are the go-to for most people. I was using the Type 99 the other day (which along with the DP-28 is probably the machine guns I use the least) and it's actually pretty good. Good damage, barely any recoil, and the iron sights aren't that bad. I think the BAR works best with double tap, because that ROF is just too slow for a close-quarters gun fight. We're all familiar with the recoil situation (or rather lack thereof) of the FG42, so I think the only drawback of that gun is the fact you run out of ammo so quickly. I think the DP-28 kicks too much, but it seems to be somewhat popular with some people.
  12. Well it's literally like World at War only it looks different. WaW utilized the game engine as CoD 4 after all. There aren't a lot of reliable servers left on Modern Warfare which is one of the main reasons the senior admins decided to launch a new CoD 4 server. As of right now the server is only a few days old and the player cap is 18, so there aren't that many people on at one given time. Additionally, because it's so young peak hours really haven't been determined yet.
  13. Nicktator

    CoD4x I guess? Mine says 17.9 but also says CoD4x so idk
  14. Well now's your chance. The server just opened up. Here's the IP:
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