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  1. Nicktator

    This actually worked. Thanks a bunch man! I honestly didn't know you didn't need the disk to launch online, and that it could simply be launched via the files. Thanks again man!
  2. My Computer's CD Tray Stopped Working Alright, So I just briefly mentioned this in passing on the chatbox a day or so ago, but Zuko suggested I post it here in hopes of potentially getting an answer, which I was kind of on the fence about because I really don't know if there's anything that can be done. I also just want to mention the following before I get into the problem: The computer I play on is my family's PC, so we all share it. My copy of World at War is a physical disk. I guess most people nowadays just do everything digitally via Steam, but I prefer to have a disk if possible. I know absolutely nothing about computers, so please take that into consideration when offering me your suggestions 🤣 ALRIGHT, so... The other day my computer's CD/DVD disk drive decided to just stop working out of the blue. I'd been playing World at War a bit that afternoon, decided to hop off, then decided to come back later and play again. When I popped the game back into the computer, it didn't load up (so the computer didn't recognize the disk was inserted), and when I tried to eject the disk tray to try again, it wouldn't open. I continuously tried to open it via the eject button on the tray but to no avail. Thus I turned to google in hopes of finding a solution to my problem (also to no avail lol). I did some searches and followed the instructions of some suggestions; I checked the CD drive under the control panel and device manager, and even saw that it was mentioned as "working properly" by the computer. Interestingly though, the device was not showing up in the File Explorer under the "This PC" tab. It should be mentioned that the little green light on the outside of the drive was also not blinking. Frustrated, I gave up. I came back the next day wondering if I'd have the same problem. With the computer having rested over the night, I was able to open the tray via the button with no problems. I put the disk in and closed the tray, but nothing happened. Then I had the same problem as the day before, where I was unable to eject the disk tray. It hasn't been working since. I really have no idea what the problem here could be, but considering the light isn't blinking I think it's just a power issue (so something regarding the tray's power cables/wires or whatever). That's just merely speculation though. Like I mentioned at the top, I play on my family's shared computer. None of my family members have expressed any desire to get the thing fixed (too much of a hassle and too expensive). That being said, I don't know what this means for me at the moment. I might be out of action on the server indefinitely (which sucks) since my copy of the game is a disk. My brother has suggested that I might as well just purchase the game on Steam. I really don't want to though considering I have a perfectly good copy of the game that works and years worth of stats are on that disk. I'd have to start from scratch on a new copy (not that big of a deal honestly), and I think I'd have to use a different name going forward (such as "TheNicktator" since "Nicktator" would be considered taken; this is a bigger deal lol). Regarding this, is it possible for me to go into the files of my disk copy and copy and transfer all of my saved data to the new Steam copy's files, or will buying a brand new copy off Steam erase my saved data from the disk copy since it's already installed on the computer? So many questions, no answers. I'll see you on the server when I see you lol. Thanks in advance for your suggestions guys.
  3. Ban Request - ITHINKHESAWU Your In-Game Name: [PDGA]Nicktator Cheaters In-Game Name: ITHINKHESAWU Which Server: PDE #1 Reason for request: Scripting(?) Proof: https://www112.zippyshare.com/v/gIbBW604/file.html
  4. Nicktator

    I've been a huge Linkin Park fan since I got into them about six years ago. Their early albums introduced me to late 90s/early 2000s nu-metal, which is the only genre of music I really listen to, but I love their other stuff as well. Band-wise I also like some early Papa Roach as well as early Limp Bizkit; again, sticking with nu-metal.
  5. Nicktator

    Ban Request Your In-Game Name: [PDGA]Nicktator Cheaters In-Game Name: TheGeem Which Server: PDE #1 Reason for request: Aimbot Proof: https://www74.zippyshare.com/v/sryGuZj0/file.html
  6. Nicktator

    Wow just checking this now (didn't get any notifications). Thank you everybody! I'll wear the tag with honor and work to help improve the community! 😁
  7. Nicktator

    Good to hear. No rush, take your time. Thanks.
  8. Application for Admission (Nicktator) Name: Nick In-game name: Nicktator Country: United States City: Pittstown Age: 20 Do You Have Any Other Games? Call of Duty 1, 2, 4, Black Ops II, WWII, War Thunder, Verdun, Day of Infamy, and GTA V Do you plan on getting or have an interest in Battlefield V? No How long have you been playing in PDE Servers? Since 2013 What are you good at? Any game skills? I would consider myself a pretty good World at War player, although it really depends on the day. There's nothing in-game that I'm particularly very good at in the game; I tend to use the MP-40 almost all of the time, and that's largely because it's the weapon I'm most familiar and comfortable with. The MP-40 does have its flaws, however, but I believe that I have been able to work around those flaws through the years to be able to use the gun to the best of its abilities. I wouldn't say I have a certain play style. I enjoy playing and completing objectives, and in that regard I am a team player when required. I tend to be move around most of the time in World at War, constantly engaging other players, but at the same time I like to play smart. Introduce Yourself: My name is Nick and I'm from New Jersey. I'm currently in community college and am planning to transfer to a four-year school as a junior next summer. I'm a big history nut with an interest in modern military history, particularly of World War I, II, and the Korean War. I've been a regular on PDE's World at War servers since mid-2013 and I've decided to apply for the clan for a couple reasons. First and foremost I'm familiar with many of the PDE admins who pop in and out of the game on a consistent basis, and I feel those members are familiar with me as well. I think it would be an awesome experience to be able to join that tight-knit group of people. Additionally, I think it would be a great opportunity to be able to be a part of such a familiar group. Finally, I think having the opportunity to be involved in PDE would help me to better mature as a player. I should mention I don't have any of the programs required to stay in contact with the rest of the members (and I don't really have any intentions to get them...sorry) but I do use Steam and am on that regularly. What do you think about PDE? In a game that's ten years old and long past its heyday, it's reassuring to see servers that both offer the basic, authentic Call of Duty experience and take care of cheaters. As an individual who isn't a fan of mods, I think PDE does a fantastic job of providing two servers focused around standard and simple gameplay. Additionally, the admins do a diligent job of acting against those trying to take advantage of the game. In the five years that I have been playing World at War (mostly on PDE servers), I have rarely encountered hackers, and in the events that I have, they have been quickly taken care of by the clan's brass. It's unfortunate that PDE does not operate servers in CoD 4. Finally, I enjoy the community which PDE has crafted in World at War; I have made many good friends on your servers and I feel that many users and admins alike are familiar with me (in a good way). Players are very talkative and it's always a welcoming atmosphere. PS: I don't know where exactly stick this, so I decided to just make it as a new topic.
  9. Nicktator

    Thanks. I'll see what there is to do around here and try and get involved. Thanks for checking out my pages, too. I work super hard on them and try to be as professional as possible; that goes for the content I post, how I present it (descriptions), stories, etc. It's a labor of love and it pays off in the end.
  10. Nicktator

    First forum post! Hey everyone! It's me Nicktator (you can just call me Nick) from World at War! Decided I'd make an account on the forums since I've been a regular player on PDE's WaW servers for several years now. I'm not a big forum guy per se (by that I mean I'm not normally apart of any), and have only been involved with one other forum (albeit minimally) in the past. Luckily this layout seems pretty simple and advanced at the same time, so that's good. As a formal introduction on the forum here I'll just paste my bio paragraph and add on to it a little bit. I'm 20 years old and from New Jersey. I've been hanging around on PDE's World at War servers for 5 years now so chances are you've probably seen me in-game at one point or another. I love history but have a particularly strong interest in military history above other subjects. To narrow it down even further, I have a very strong love for the history of both World Wars as well as the Korean War. In truth I consider these three periods in history to be my greatest passions in life. I enjoy any and everything that relates to these conflicts, from archival footage and photographs to movies, video games, and militaria. It's all so fascinating to me and I can never truly get enough of it! I also had several relatives who were involved in either World War, so those personal connections to the wars definitely contribute to my interest towards them. For the past few years now I've been managing two separate Instagram accounts dedicated solely to the history of these conflicts as both a hobby and a pastime. Through these accounts I am able to completely share my passion with other people who have the same interests, and in that regard I am able to truly be myself! If you are interested in checking them out, you can find them here and here! I'm currently a junior in community college and will be transferring to a four-year school next summer to peruse a degree in History. In person I'm really shy and might even have a bit of social anxiety, but around friends I'm a real nice guy 😀 I guess that's all there is to say about myself so far. See you online!
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