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  1. Nicktator

    You used the Carbine on Dome? Man you've got some balls my guy. I do well with the Carbine on a good day but I couldn't get nearly that many on a map like Dome. I need some breathing room if I'm gonna use a semi-automatic, even if the M1 has a fire rate like an SMG if you click fast enough. Yeah you and everyone else were -__- What? Do you normally abstain courteously from Dome? Lol
  2. Nicktator

    @SockItToYa stole my thunder (And of course I choked in the finally two minutes and couldn't get two simple kills -_-)
  3. Mine is simply Nicktator
  4. I couldn't find it when I searched for it. I'm level 22 by the way.
  5. Enjoying this game so far
  6. Nicktator

    Yeah I was doing quite well myself hehe
  7. Thoughts on Call of Duty: Mobile? So this morning I found out there was a new game on the app store called Call of Duty: Mobile. Naturally I had to try it. So far I'm loving it! It's very addictive lol. I haven't spent much time exploring it in detail since I have school work to do, but from what I've observed so far apparently there's in-game currency, premium stuff, and some sort of game pass (maybe the same thing as a season pass? Who knows). As far as gameplay is concerned it runs pretty smoothly (I have an iPhone 6s). It doesn't crash and the controls are very easy to get used to. There's a mode call "Frontline" and then there's your basic team deathmatch. I don't know if there are any other modes. I think the game is supposed to be pretty much a bunch of major CoDs wrapped into one. I don't know how many maps there are, but so far I've only played on three: Nuketown, Killhouse, and one other (I forget the name but it looks like something out of BO3 or one of the "warfare" titles, idk). Overall I'm enjoying this game so far. Has anyone else heard about it or considered getting it? (It's free btw)
  8. Nicktator

    Honestly for me the biggest plus is that they’re basic servers. So many servers on older Call of Dutys are modded, and what’s a shame about that is that those servers comprise the majority of populated servers on those games. It’s so hard to find a core server with players. I’m glad PDE provides that.
  9. Nicktator

    Thanks my man! Hold things down while I'm away
  10. Nicktator

    Hehe thanks Zuko. Don't know about that last part but we'll see 😂
  11. Nicktator

    Well as the title would suggest I'm going off to school today. While I've been in college for three years now this will be the first time in which I'm living away from home, so I'm really excited but also nervous. Unfortunately there's no way I'll be able to play video games while I'm living on campus (bummer lol), which means I'll be on a hiatus for most of the next three months. When I can I'll pop in once in a blue moon when I come home on a weekend or something. That being said I'll still check in on the forums just to keep in touch and see how things are going, so I won't be completely quiet. I'll see you guys full-time in December!
  12. I can't remember if it was him or not, but a few months ago I remember seeing a post on here about this one dude who would place a betty by a teammate, then switch teams. Doing so would trigger the betty, kill the former teammate, and give the guy a kill. It was a really shitty move and I think he might've gotten temp banned for it. But that and Kilroy are just two examples of scum players/playstyles, and shouldn't define the betty community as a whole!
  13. I don't know why people fuss over betties when it's as simple as 1, 2, 3 to switch out a perk for Bomb Squad. I use Bomb Squad and it's literally and figuratively a life saver. I can't count how many times I've thwarted a player's betty trap because I see the marker before rounding a corner or something, and then meticulously shoot it and blow it up, thus saving my life as well as the lives of my teammates. I think it's one of the best perks in the game because it completely eliminates any threat the betty poses. Yeah, sometimes the marker doesn't show up and you get fucked over, but from my experience that seldom happens. Leave Betty alone, she's just tryna do her thang!
  14. Nicktator

    I know this is kinda late, but would that really be one of the greatest teams ever (or that you've ever played on) if only two people end positive? Serious question.
  15. Nicktator

    And finally, what I do in the servers when I'm completely alone, bored out of my bind, waiting for people to join lol
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