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  1. Thomas31h

    Apologies lol I just switched straight to Streamlabs without checking audio levels.
  2. Thomas31h

    Ban Request Your In-Game Name: Doom-Guy Cheaters In-Game Name: viceze1 Which Server: PDE #2 Reason for request: Macro fire/ Reload Cancel Proof: Little bit of fluff at the beginning but does it more towards half way till end.
  3. Thomas31h

  4. Thomas31h

    Ban request Your In-Game Name: Doom-Guy Cheaters In-Game Name: Bowstoner Which Server: PDE #2 Reason for request: Macro shooting Proof:
  5. Thomas31h

    Ban request Your In-Game Name: Doom-Guy Cheaters In-Game Name: Viproa Which Server: PDE #2 Reason for request: Racism Proof: https://imgur.com/1jYDrRp
  6. One thing I will mention is that on your most recent video I notice the "Y-Y" when picking up the MP40 and then you cut out all your reloads. While I get that can be to save time for the viewers, part of the rules is no Reload cancelling. Not saying you were, just letting you know ahead of time man, good luck!
  7. Thomas31h

    This mans rambling that can only be compared to the drunken rumbling of an uncle during the holidays has brought me so much joy, thank you for the late Christmas present and enjoy the ban!
  8. Thomas31h

    This is just one person's opinions but I believe the issue isn't helped by the server sizes. I know why they are that size, to encourage more players to join and form a little community. But even since my BF:1942 days, I could never understand it from a game balance perspective. The maps aren't designed for such a high player count (majority, downfall can probably get away with it). Which leads to not being to count/ watch ever corner, angle and camp spot trying to play aggressive or running around, almost forcing people to play a more defensive play style. Not telling you all how to run your server, just offering a different view point and my opinion. And something I wanted to get off my chest for years lol
  9. Thomas31h

    Ban request Your In-Game Name: Doom-Guy Cheaters In-Game Name: Jay317 Which Server: PDE #2 Reason for request: Reload Canelling/ Glitch Shooting Proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dINmjvTQvM&feature=youtu.be I am heading off to DnD, so I didn't have time to edit it down, sorry.
  10. Thomas31h

    Keeping the servers vanilla would probably be best, don't want to alienate old comers and new ones alike with stuff they aren't familiar with. I say this even with my hatred of how OP SMGs are lol
  11. Thomas31h

    Aim training? Always thought my aim was pretty solid but I will take you up on that some day lol
  12. Thomas31h

    No good players? Am I not good enough for you zuko!? ;w;
  13. Thomas31h

    Problem being that there is no real way for a system to auto assign players base on their skill level/ performance based on the current match. That would most likely have to be done by an admin and would be a judgement. Plus, it can be hard to determine a balance team when the team numbers can go 15 v 15 and beyond.
  14. It's really well designed and with the second expansion coming Q1 next year I am realm excited to work on new builds. Plus, I don't need my phone to play it
  15. A un-holy amount of Grim Dawn recently, love the game. It fuels my ARPG itch and with it on sale, trying to get my friends into it lol
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