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  1. Thomas31h

    I'll throw a few into the pot
  2. Thomas31h

    Ban Request Your In-Game Name: Doom-Guy Cheaters In-Game Name: TWINZZZ Which Server: PDE#2 Reason for request: Reload Cancelling, Sniper Rifle Shenanigans, possible walls/ Mini Map (unsure on this one, seemed really sketchy though) Proof: It is more so towards the last minute.
  3. Thomas31h

    I am not a moderator, just one of the regulars I guess you could say lol
  4. Thomas31h

    My bad, hit the wrong thing. Excellent, didn't want to bother you guys but aimbotting is something I figure you guys would want to drop the hammer on ASAP
  5. Thomas31h

    Ban Request Your In-Game Name: Doom-Guy Cheaters In-Game Name: R2PATTON Which Server: PDE#2 Reason for request: Aimbot Proof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REYHuIFPN5w&feature=youtu.be
  6. Thomas31h

    I believe one of the Makins is the best choice to really make them feel different apart from each other besides time of day and a few different spots you can reach. Asylum and Airfield I think are also excellent choices due to their size and how domination is lay'd out of them. I don't think Cliffside would be a good fit though, with how that map is played and with the B flag being at the shrine in the open, I think it would just revolve around who gets the B Flag first and then just try to kill each other across each lane of Cliffside. That and one side ( I think it's the Japanese spawn) has a much easier/ better way to get in that shrine temple place and is a pain to take the flag with one or multiply people in there.
  7. Thomas31h

    Double Barrel, hands down. Even with stopping power and steady aim, the Trench gun is just so inconsistent that it feels like it shoots condom wrappers instead of pellets. Double can sometimes be the same way but it doesn't have the delay for the cocking like a pump does, making it far more consistent. Plus, with slight of hand a little going in and out of cover, you can become a real annoyance.
  8. Domination just doesn't flow well on Banzai. It particularly turns into watch slight lines from your side, the game. Airfield and hanger have good layouts, even for the large player size for domination. What I suggest is have Makin or Makin Day become the new Dom map, would give it more flavor to it's opposite time of day counterpart.
  9. Thomas31h

  10. Thomas31h

    Played a lot but was on the 360 if you need a console players perspective
  11. Thomas31h

  12. Thomas31h

    Honestly, for me, the thing is to play smarter and not harder. Advice I am terrible at taking as I am aggressive as hell but playing smart will usually overcome someone with superior aim and reflexes. That I say as the bloodlust madmen who rushes the spawn armed with just a springfield in hand.
  13. Thomas31h

    Ban Request Your In-Game Name: Doom-Guy Cheaters In-Game Name: ahxa666 Which Server: PDE #2 Reason for request: Macro/ script firing Proof: He does it more past the half way point and especially towards the end.
  14. Thomas31h

    Apologies lol I just switched straight to Streamlabs without checking audio levels.
  15. Thomas31h

    Ban Request Your In-Game Name: Doom-Guy Cheaters In-Game Name: viceze1 Which Server: PDE #2 Reason for request: Macro fire/ Reload Cancel Proof: Little bit of fluff at the beginning but does it more towards half way till end.
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