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  1. Gogo

    Gogo hate Flash an Nailbomb. Oh...sorry wrong thread. Hehehehehehe.
  2. Gogo

    Delta Gamma is sure fun. Yes from Gogo...an good luck! Plus you nebber know when you can use the talents of a EE.
  3. Hey Flash! It Gogo! Hehehe.

    1. [PDE]FlashDeath


      OMG. Gogo is here! We have to celebrate this miracle! We have never met, but I feel i can understand You without any words! Im happy when I see You on server. Keep it up!


  4. Hello. It Gogo. Good luck wiff your application NailBomb. Gogo hate you....hehehehehehe.

    1. [PDE]FlashDeath


      It is normal reaction for Nail, heheheheh.Best regards Sir!