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  1. Echo

    I beat you many more times than this! How many times echo made zoro angery ingame when he lost hehe
  2. Unban Appeal (Echo) In-Game Name: Echo546 Server 1 or Server 2: 1 & 2 Admin that banned you (If You Know): Embahh Ban Length (If You Know): Perm Reason for your ban (If You Know): Rule 9 Why you wish to be unbanned: I really enjoyed playing here and would prefer to play here than the other servers. I know I have repeated this over and over but I did not mean to break this rule and I would never want to break a rule here because I want to play on the PDE servers. I can assure you Embah and other admins that I will be much more careful about how I reload my Type and Thomson. I have a fast play style but I realise now I must have been reloading too quick by sprinting away too early due to the type having two different reload animations this is what I mean by this https://i.gyazo.com/cb33dca0268cfb5a6f119d7ab06ea38a.mp4 and https://i.gyazo.com/7c396573415965292aec725035a45031.mp4 so I sometimes make a mistake where I sprint when my characters finishes the animation in the second gif. However I know I should now be more cautious of this and wait an extra second or so until I know for sure the animation is done. In my previous appeal you said how I would call people out for reload cancelling in chat, I done this because at the time I did not think I was breaking the rule and so I would call them out for it so the admins ingame can spectate him and catch them as they are breaking the rules. The only gameplay I have is this video which shows me playing the server a while back (audio messed up). Until I was banned I was not aware I was doing anything wrong as people had watched how I played when people in chat say things like "Echo is a wallhacker!" and the admin says things like Echo is not breaking any rules so I assumed I was playing within the rules. But I trust your judgement and I apologise for making this error when playing and if you give me a chance I will make sure I wait before I sprint to make sure I know I have properly reloaded. I am sorry if me making this mistake gave people a negative experience on the server. Any other comments: I played the server you said to play instead, but It is not the same and not being able to play here makes call of duty world at war boring for me. I first played the server on may 15 2017 and started playing here daily a few months ago. I enjoyed talking to people on the server and I miss playing with you all. On other servers I get blown up by rifle grenades it is not for me!
  3. Echo

    Maybe bad connection, I do not know where you are from but I take much less time to join 1 than to join 2 because 1 has lower ping for me. So maybe your connection at the time is not very good and it takes a while for you to connect. or maybe your profile is messed up or something Try to reinstall the game or do verify game files on steam that might fix it
  4. Echo

    Yes Embah I knew about the rule I didn't say I did not know about the rule, I called out other players for it as they were breaking the rule and my intention was to help keep the server clean I know that it is a rule the reason I made an unban is because I did not realise that what I was doing when playing was breaking that rule, I thought that I was playing within the rules and not breaking the rule. I do not want to go to other server I want to play on this server that is why I make so many unbans. Im trying to explain this without being confusing but what Im trying to say is the way Ive been playing the past few months I thought was not against the rules in any way as I had been spectated by admins before and not been told that the way I play is against the rules. I now know that I must have been wrong in my understanding of the rule and so that is why I am asking you for another chance.
  5. In-Game Name: Echo546 Server 1 or Server 2: 1 and 2 Admin that banned you: Embah Ban Length: Permanent Reason for your ban: Rule 9 Why you wish to be unbanned: I am sorry for accidentally doing this when playing Embah, I like to play fair and I was not aware I was breaking the rules by playing the way I was playing. I have played here daily for a while now and I want to continue playing here. I ask for one last chance to play again and to show I am not a glitch shooter or reload cancel player. I am sorry for doing these things however please know I did not intentionally do these things and I will not do them anymore. This server is very fun and the members are chilled out people, I hope you will allow me to play here again as this is my favourite waw server and I genuinely did not mean to break this rule when I was playing. All I ask is you to give me a chance for me to show I am not like they type of players.
  6. Echo

    but chaos = fun
  7. Hmm, I don't experience fps or lag problems on PUBG and I have a bad I5 and a gtx 1060, but I do think the game has had its time as fortnite has taken over the BR genre and the Fortnite devs have been stronger in terms of game development. When Pubg first released it ran horribly for me like 20 fps in some places but now I get 80-120 depending on where I am so they have definitely optimised the game. The game however in my opinion I think is going to die out very soon especially with so many new BR games coming out this year.
  8. Echo

    In-Game Name: Echo546 Server 1 or Server 2: Both Admin that banned you (If You Know): Embah Ban Length (If You Know): Forever Reason for your ban (If You Know): Rule 9 Why you wish to be unbanned: I did not mean to intentionally break this rule, I play here every day but I get banned for a silly mistake. I know there is a big problem with people running around reloading instantly and not doing the reload animation. However, I did not mean to do this, I do my best to follow server rules and to not break them but everyone makes silly mistakes like sprinting a split second before the end of the reload. I try not to do this but everyone makes mistakes and I slip up and when you get spectated and slip up it looks like you do it intentionally. People watch how I play when I am on the server, nobody says anything about me glitch shooting or reload cancelling. I try my best to find cheaters during my games to keep server clean and I am not a cheater I play fair. Embah I hope you think about this appeal and not instantly deny it as I usually never do this sort of thing when I play. I even started to use other weapons than the type like the Thomson as I know the type is not your favourite weapon.
  9. Echo

    ok I do not remember to much of that game but I did not mean to glitch shoot or reload cancel. I reload my weapon then I sprint as I am always on the move, am I sprinting to early? I do the animation then continue running. The only time I stop a reload is when someone attacks me when I am reloading, I kill them then I reload. I am sorry for sprinting as soon as I finish the reload I will not do this if I am unbanned I will wait a few seconds before I sprint. Some pde guy say to me during a game earlier what qs crew are you from echo? Is this related? I dont even use snipers unless the map is seelow and quickscoping is not for me.
  10. Echo

    Ipix biggest camper not niko
  11. Echo

    In-Game Name: Echo546 Server 1 or Server 2: Both Admin that banned you (If You Know): Unsure Ban Length (If You Know): Perm Reason for your ban (If You Know): Unsure Why you wish to be unbanned: I enjoy playing here rather than other servers and I want to continue playing here. Any other comments: Last game I played was on castle on pde 1, I took a break and I come back to play and I am banned
  12. Echo

  13. Echo

    No clue, some maps are big some are small, but I'd expect large maps as it is 32vs32
  14. Echo

    No single player hopefully this doesn't become the norm for new games I do not think it will be like insurgency as the maps will be bf3/4 scale maps and with 64 players, Insurgency I haven't played much but It was very small and It was not enjoyable for me. rc-xd cars are the little remote controlled cars which blow up that you got as a killstreak on cod black ops 1 You see them at 1:17 in the video Yep, hopefully they keep it cheap as this will help with sales. They also have said the game will have no micro-transactions during its time in early access and they said when the full game is released they will take community input into whether they want cosmetic micro-transactions (skins) or no micro-transactions at all (they say if micro transactions are added they will only be cosmetic)
  15. I found this trailer on youtube and the game from what I have read could be a lot of fun Features of it from what I've read etc - Uses unreal engine 4 (good graphics and fps) - 64 player matches - only land vehicles with a few air drones (no jet combat like bf) - Has it's own battle royale mode (could be either awesome or shit) - Starting line up of teams is: Russia, Germany, Poland, Britain (they say on twitter they are going to add more) - Devs have said if the game is popular on pc it will be ported on consoles. - Devs say game will not be very expensive - rc-xd cars hehe - Maps are based on real life areas like Berlin, Moscow, Warsaw etc.. - Squad system like bf - Customise every piece of clothing your soldier wears - Customise every part of your tank - weapon/tank skins - Accurate weapons/uniforms for each country All game info is on their website http://worldwar3.com/en/game-overview/#section-package

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