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  1. flip4552

    how to record gameplay How can you record your or someone else his gameplay? i think their is a way with the a console command but can't seem to find what. Asking because saw to many hackers lately, funily enough i know one of them got banned because he felt high and mighty and was calling me the n-word
  2. flip4552

    Hello there vippy ^^ if you beat me in a duel, you get a jes from me to 😛 hehe also gg now
  3. flip4552

    those v1 rockets are a very nice addetion, especially the sound. And maybe they wil add v2 rockets to? But then under special circumstances because if i recal v2 is stronger then v1.
  4. flip4552

    idc what i can run with that cpu, those damn lights that is the real selling point of this.
  5. flip4552

    Congratulations delta_gamma
  6. flip4552

    The issue when it takes a long time to connect to server and fails i to have from time to time. Usually i restart game or pc to fix that, but most of the times it doesn't help so we must wait. But one time i had it for 2 days that it got stuck on setting up game.
  7. flip4552

    see you on the battlefield !duel low
  8. flip4552

    good more people to shoot at
  9. flip4552

    tbf that is the only rule i also had trouble with, what is and what is not considered reload cancel. i don't know the circumstances why you where banned. Maybe you where in fault or not. I am not to judge. But maybe this link can if you get unbanned help you, look at the video send in http://www.pdelite.org/forums/topic/1225-rule-9-no-reload-cancelsglitch-shooting/?tab=comments#comment-5101
  10. flip4552

    that sounds good to, never done war mode.
  11. flip4552

    the shotgun sound already nice but the no esplosives that just does it for me. we gotta make this happen.
  12. flip4552

    If i can remember correctly last year their was advertisment for a tournament you guys where hosting for august of 2017. At the time i couldn't join it so i have been wondering if their are any plans on hosting another on. Then maybe i can join to or not depends.
  13. flip4552

    damn you are almost a god, almost
  14. flip4552

    are bf3/4 maps bigger then batlefield 1? i only played one map of battlefield 1 during the beta.
  15. flip4552

    Wil there be singleplayer? And on first glance this looks alot like insurgance, just on first glance. Haven't played insurgance myself. And rc-xd cars? whats that. Yep more good loking games coming our ways, stil gotta buy agony. Hope they hold their word on not to expensive then.
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