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^5 david slayer

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  1. ^5 david slayer

    strangely enough, i was watching some cod rage videos on youtube, and the guy was facing some hackers on console, and they brought up a mod menu and one of the options was called: human torch. i imagine it looks like this.
  2. ^5 david slayer

    It's LIT baby!!! so, what the hell did you change?! 😄 🤣 ~ you know you can change the flame fps in config ? 😛
  3. ^5 david slayer

    the only part about fov that gets annoying: having to stop playing to tell people how to enter it properly. some keep spamming invalid numbers 120, 100, 90, then 80 without the \ even though 1-3 of us are telling them what to do, & they don't listen/care. 😑 🤦‍♂️
  4. ^5 david slayer

    davidslayer kushbaby pde 2 rapid fire glitch/macro proof: https://youtu.be/o33CBLXJNDc
  5. ^5 david slayer

    Thanks guys. 😀 (still waiting for twitch to delete the account).
  6. ^5 david slayer

    Okay update. Roco got in the server still. so someone is impersonating Embahh. they made an account on twitch with only 1 "h" so i reported it, they deleted the Scrinn account i guess. So, just a heads up so you know what someone is doing. 😊
  7. ^5 david slayer

    Hello. Hi, i am davidslayer ingame. Wanted to say "hello", and also report a potential problem... RocoBonnaro played last night on Pde2 without any problems. Then today he is streaming on Twitch again, and 2 people, (maybe 1 person pretending to be 2) came in his chat claiming to be Pde Embahh and Scrinn. They told him he was banned from Pde. I wanted to know if this is legit, or is a troll from someone on twitch? thanks.
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