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  1. they lied again. it's not a new engine. they just did a few overhauls to stuff like 'increased polygons'. it has the same quake 3 fps rounding bug, -which obviously you wouldn't leave in a "new engine". 😥🙂
  2. ^5 david slayer

    you made my map proud. 😛 👍
  3. ^5 david slayer

    there's a pc emulator for the game also. it's from 'Tencent'. my friends use it / and stream.
  4. ^5 david slayer

    i miss the good ol' days. 😥 ( i quit watching nba in like 2013. nobody is like the 90's-2008 players, so it's just not fun anymore to me.)
  5. ^5 david slayer

    i see modified hit markers ?..
  6. ^5 david slayer

    they mean the console cod poser "pros". 😂
  7. ^5 david slayer

    alright. glad you came to tell us then. 🙂 - ( if it happens they should end it right away.
  8. ^5 david slayer

    probably the god mode glitch.
  9. ^5 david slayer

    we've played together quite a bit, and i never saw anything SUS. @Nicktator ?
  10. ^5 david slayer

    i used to use like on cod 4, which i think needs it way more.. anywho, i stopped cause my fps kept tanking+higher cpu or gpu temp when i added more good looking options, i ended up only being able to use like only 1 sharpen. so, i figured it's not worth it. now i just force over 8x anti-aliasing in console, or config with /r_aasamples. can do up to 16.
  11. ^5 david slayer

    can't see video. have to change view privacy to unlisted, or public.👍
  12. ^5 david slayer

    not using a legit - unused product key probably like most recently. ?
  13. ^5 david slayer

    i don't know. i was positive cause i just got melted, & i heard the ammo fly out instantly-loudly, and i hear the difference 99% of the time. (it overlaps usually.) but we can't see how little ammo. i can shoot very fast, so i'll have to try myself again in private. (i got over 10 speakers total & using 7.1 surround, so maybe it's over-saturating or something). but if he's a reg than i agree & doubt he just decided to start. (although i had a couple friends in cod 1 cheat outta nowhere one day & they had to be banned).
  14. i believe the trick is: you need to promote promote promote in & out of cod 4 somehow. otherwise most people don't bother using the whole server browser to look for servers, cause there's a few empty US ones not run by ZA or FF. or try to promote a server in cod 4's steam discussions. i'm not positive but it will probably be somewhat difficult to gather enough people/to find those that have been banned for nothing.
  15. ^5 david slayer

    alright. i have no idea then. if you aren't cheating, or reload glitching snipers, or lmgs. 😕
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