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  1. ^5 david slayer

    i used to use like on cod 4, which i think needs it way more.. anywho, i stopped cause my fps kept tanking+higher cpu or gpu temp when i added more good looking options, i ended up only being able to use like only 1 sharpen. so, i figured it's not worth it. now i just force over 8x anti-aliasing in console, or config with /r_aasamples. can do up to 16.
  2. ^5 david slayer

    can't see video. have to change view privacy to unlisted, or public.👍
  3. ^5 david slayer

    not using a legit - unused product key probably like most recently. ?
  4. ^5 david slayer

    i don't know. i was positive cause i just got melted, & i heard the ammo fly out instantly-loudly, and i hear the difference 99% of the time. (it overlaps usually.) but we can't see how little ammo. i can shoot very fast, so i'll have to try myself again in private. (i got over 10 speakers total & using 7.1 surround, so maybe it's over-saturating or something). but if he's a reg than i agree & doubt he just decided to start. (although i had a couple friends in cod 1 cheat outta nowhere one day & they had to be banned).
  5. i believe the trick is: you need to promote promote promote in & out of cod 4 somehow. otherwise most people don't bother using the whole server browser to look for servers, cause there's a few empty US ones not run by ZA or FF. or try to promote a server in cod 4's steam discussions. i'm not positive but it will probably be somewhat difficult to gather enough people/to find those that have been banned for nothing.
  6. ^5 david slayer

    alright. i have no idea then. if you aren't cheating, or reload glitching snipers, or lmgs. 😕
  7. ^5 david slayer

    you using a pirated copy of the game ? nos-team or whatever. that's only thing i can think of, you have to buy the game. (those are all banned.)
  8. ^5 david slayer

    that is what actually led to mw 2 being peer to peer.: "We're just prioritizing the player experience above the modders and the tuners... We thought maybe it would be cool if the fans could play the game." - Infinity Ward's Jason West, pissing in the face of the pc community.. they were tired of us messing with THEIR game, and wanted us to just play the game and not change/mod anything. but i think if they didn't get fired after release they would've caved and added in server browser. it would've really helped the health of the game these days.
  9. ^5 david slayer

    might be router-NAT issue or something, i have retail version and atm i gather: 407 servers total. - best way is just use the site gametracker then copy paste the ip into console. - i recommend [Outlaw] server, they are super friendly.
  10. ^5 david slayer

    so there is ZERO misunderstanding/miscommunication: with snipers & lmgs on pde you cannot: cancel the reload early for ANY reason. you have to wait until it finishes COMPLETELY reloading, you cannot sprint before it finishes at like 4 out of 5 bullets in sniper, and you can't "Y Y shoot" spam.
  11. ^5 david slayer

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGgECvDBDCU the ozz man.
  12. ^5 david slayer

    hmm, nope. fullbright is locked since it's considered cheating.
  13. ^5 david slayer

    i noticed this a lot as well on both servers. hiding in spawn on like castle, spamming across the map- dogs galore for barely trying. it's very annoying, plus it holds the team back, and you'll get spawn killed.
  14. ^5 david slayer

    i hope you don't really mean you're playing the game at 60 fps..? you should aim for the default 85 at least, but 125 is the optimal number. (also, i would consider buying at least a 550 watt psu. - seasonic, corsair some of the best ones). but listen to zuko first before throwing money at it. 🙂
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