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^5 david slayer

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  1. ^5 david slayer

    hmm okay. i would try playing when they aren't online i guess.. (you can check before going in servers).
  2. ^5 david slayer

    potential problem is, it didn't seem like it was intentionally sexual, i forget the rest of the name, but 'cum' was in the middle, and it looked foreign, so it could mean anything. what i'm thinking it really comes down to: the bot auto kicking them with message like 20 times was more annoying than the name. so, chuck. a person is kicking you out, or the bot ?
  3. ^5 david slayer

    i was playing early morning and someone kept trying to play, and gettting auto kicked for "cum" in his name.
  4. ^5 david slayer

    looks good. ~~~~~~~~ just curious it looks like you're using 2 fingers on shoot. ? i just tried and it's awkward, mostly cause my fingers don't fit. 😛 - what mouse is that ?
  5. ^5 david slayer

    in the future never experiment vs other humans. bots, or private matches only for anything exploitable. 🙂
  6. ^5 david slayer

    nice catch.
  7. ^5 david slayer

    i've been wrong a lot lately on it. 😛 i trust you.
  8. ^5 david slayer

    hmm. that's a tough one. (not that it matters what i think but..) i'm leaning towards mostly "no". only because i don't hear the overlapping speed sound. at 2.00 was most crazy to me. my finger wears out after 2 mashes.
  9. i watched roco play the game, and he tried it out. 85=91, 126=143. a regular engine goes straight to the number. Like UE, Source..
  10. they lied again. it's not a new engine. they just did a few overhauls to stuff like 'increased polygons'. it has the same quake 3 fps rounding bug, -which obviously you wouldn't leave in a "new engine". 😥🙂
  11. ^5 david slayer

    you made my map proud. 😛 👍
  12. ^5 david slayer

    there's a pc emulator for the game also. it's from 'Tencent'. my friends use it / and stream.
  13. ^5 david slayer

    i miss the good ol' days. 😥 ( i quit watching nba in like 2013. nobody is like the 90's-2008 players, so it's just not fun anymore to me.)
  14. ^5 david slayer

    i see modified hit markers ?..
  15. ^5 david slayer

    they mean the console cod poser "pros". 😂
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