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  1. [PDG]Delta_Gamma

    Donation done.
  2. [PDG]Delta_Gamma

    I also join the others. The FOV should stay at 90. It will be difficult for me because I have always used 90. However, I could not see anyone complaining about the FOV and i saw this topic randomly here in forum.
  3. [PDG]Delta_Gamma

    Wow. That was a good suprise Many thanks to all. Celebrating on weekend is awesome yeah. See you all soon in the battlefield
  4. [PDG]Delta_Gamma

    Really? I can remember that i have warn you several times for reload cancels and you just ignore this. You never ask me what is that. And now i see this ban appeal... Interesting. Check this video: https://bit.ly/2OYQ4Ju We can differentiate between fast fingers and cheats. Don´t worry
  5. [PDG]Delta_Gamma

    Hello Viper, definitly yes from me. He is a great player with very good skills and always friendly. I had always fun with him and think we will win a great player. Good luck! PS: ksajhdghsfiaebgfagbefaewf
  6. [PDG]Delta_Gamma

    Hello Nail, i think this is not possible with windows options. But there is a another way which you can do that. The trick is that you convert your gif into a video file. After that a program names Deskscapes will set this video as your background. In this way you have an animated background. You have on Deskscapes a 30 day trial at first but you can also buy the full version for 8 Dollars. (Maybe you can find also an cracked version idk). It worked on me so i will show you step by step. Step 1: Visit this site for converting your gif in video file (wmv): https://video.online-convert.com/convert-to-wmv Step 2: Browse and choose your gif file. Step 3: Convert gif Step 4: Download and save video file Step 5: Creat a folder in any location (e.g Desktop) on your PC and put the video within it. Step 6: Download and install trial version of DeskScapes: https://www.stardock.com/products/deskscapes/download Step 7: Open DeskScapes, click on settings, choose folder and than click on "Add" Step 8: Select your folder with the video file from step 5 and click OK. Step 9: Select your added folder, click OK and finally press on "Apply to my desktop" Now you should have your converted gif on your background. But i don't know if DeskScapes can set only your second monitor with your animation. But i will try this if i am back home this weekend. Hope it was helpful.
  7. [PDG]Delta_Gamma

    Wooow I'm really shocked right now. Many thanks to all who support me I'm really happy to enter this great clan. I hope for a good time with all of you. Also special thanks to Paul Kersey for accepting me See you all on the battefield
  8. [PDG]Delta_Gamma

    Hey, you must use the template for your ban appeal: In-Game Name: Server 1 or Server 2: Admin that banned you (If You Know): Ban Length (If You Know): Reason for your ban (If You Know): Why you wish to be unbanned: Any other comments:
  9. Name: Recep In-game Name: Delta_Gamma Country: Germany City: Bad Hersfeld Age: 26 Do You Have Any Other Games?: I have lot of games but my favourite games are Far Cry, Assassins Creed and Battefield. Do you plan on getting or have an interest in Battlefield 1? Yes of course! How long have you been playing in PDE Servers?: I think it´s been 2 years. What are you good at? Any game skills? I just love my Type 100 hehe so i like to run in front lines But this also depents on the map. There are maps where i´m really good with sniper or rifles. In others i use more knife and bajonett 😊 Introduce Yourself: So, i am an 26 years old electrical engineer. I am a passionate landscape photographer and i really love to travel. My favourite locations where i regulary go is scandinavia. But I also love my guitar and like to ride a mountain bike in the Black Forest here in Germany. My Slogan: Real guys don't do things by halves. What do you think about PDE?: What I really like about PDE is the fair dealing with other players. Likewise the respect among each other. I have met very good people here and it would be a honour for me to be a part of your great family. Likewise, I am also open to new things. Now vote pls 😊
  10. [PDG]Delta_Gamma

    In-Game Name: Delta_Gamma Server 1 or Server 2: 1 Admin that banned you: Don´t know Ban Length: Temporary (I think) Reason for your ban: Don´t know I really want to know why i´m kicked from server 1....
  11. [PDG]Delta_Gamma

    Your In-Game Name: Delta_Gamma In-Game Name: JordanFox Which Server: Server 1 Reason for request: Im not sure but this player probably use aimbot. Please check the videos: https://www15.zippyshare.com/v/eWHBdxCy/file.html https://www19.zippyshare.com/v/Cc14hA4o/file.html https://www92.zippyshare.com/v/4wjut3aR/file.html
  12. [PDG]Delta_Gamma

    Hey flip, i think if you MUST use your knife while reloading it is not a reload cancel. But if you do it several times just for fun probably you break the rule 9.
  13. [PDG]Delta_Gamma

    The maps and game mode´s are fine but sometimes it is a little monotonous to play everytime the same thing. Maybe trying different game mode´s on different maps. This will be great! Also adding "war" on some maps will be interesting too. Anyway, keep it up!
  14. [PDG]Delta_Gamma

    Congratulations, Nail !
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