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  1. -Vladislav17-

    Throw a grenade at his comrades and go to another team...Lol,Never would have caught up to doing such a thing
  2. -Vladislav17-

    I know this player, and I think he's a fairly honest person. Everyone's entitled to a second chance.
  3. -Vladislav17-

    Hah,your record has long been broken
  4. -Vladislav17-

    Hah, your record has long been broken
  5. -Vladislav17-

    Nice to meet u too!
  6. -Vladislav17-

    Name: Vladislav In-game Name: Vladislav17 Country: Russia City:Moscow Age: 20 Do You Have Any Other Games?: WaW, Black ops 1,2 ; MW3 Do you plan on getting or have an interest in Battlefield 1? No How long have you been playing in PDE Servers?: Since 2016, but i play in WaW since 2008 What do you think about PDE?: My favorite server and i like to play with PDE - people.
  7. Name: Vladislav In-game Name: Vladislav17 Country: Russia City: Moscow Age: 20 I play only one multiplayer - WaW I play on PDE servers since 2016 I like PDE servers and i always play on this servers
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