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  1. OTe

    Ye, I'm sure I'm going to play WaW on the PDE server because it's one of my favorite games from the CoD series and PDE is the most popular server! I think WWII has about the similar constant player base as the WaW, although I have to add that I play 90% in war mode. War mode is not frustrating, because the main menu of the game does not count the kill and the death, only the score per minute and the number of winning and losing matches. Ergo, k/d doesn't matter, just your team to win the match. In summary, WWII is a very nice game with nostalgic motifs from older CoD games, especially in season pass, but unlike rumors, there are very few cheaters.
  2. OTe

    Donation Donation: $11.00 In-Game Name: [JFF]--OTe-- Server user ID (If obtainable): #1 Have fun & good luck! 😉
  3. OTe

    Hello everyone! Well then, I would to give some lines for those who don't know to who am I. In the not so distant past, I was a professional JFF admin in the WaW section.☺️ Nowadays my main game is CoD WWII, but sometimes for nostalgic reasons I play older CoD games too! I am 44 years old and live in a quiet village in Hungary. In a significant part of my life I worked as an archaeologist technician, but for a few years ago I switched to joinery. I love nature, people (especially s beautiful girls) and scientific things. If any other questions arise, I will be happy to respond here or in the steam. Regards: OTe
  4. OTe

    Willingly buddy, though I would have been more happy, if you write that you buy the game, because I liked playing the WaW with you.
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