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  1. A folding phone, though i love the innovation we are getting now rather than the same looking phones, i dont think we are ready for a folding phone and i dont think the technology for a folding phone is quite ready yet. Then there's the price, $2000?? For a phone i already though 800+ was too much, this is just absurd
  2. DaB3aR

    Ban Request Your In-Game Name: DaB3Ar Cheaters In-Game Name: OpalGiantGal Which Server: S2 Reason for request: Aimbot Proof: https://www80.zippyshare.com/v/AbkBSY4a/file.html
  3. DaB3aR

    Thank You all! I came to the forums to see whats going on with any news I maybe missed and this was nice to see. The big 20, no longer a "teen" only adulting left haha
  4. DaB3aR

    Happy Birthday!
  5. DaB3aR

    I've been stuck on these for a few weeks now
  6. DaB3aR

    Thank you both for the help!
  7. DaB3aR

    Move WaW to new pc So I hope this is the right place to ask but when moving WaW to a new PC how do I copy the files over to it from my existing pc without messing up? I know its a noob question but i want to be sure on it before i mess up, and when transferred will steam recognize the game without issue?
  8. DaB3aR

    Ban Request Your In-Game Name: DaB3Ar Cheaters In-Game Name: [Cyan]xNightKnight Which Server: s2 Reason for request: Macro Proof: https://www100.zippyshare.com/v/fFRhY12c/file.html Cheaters In-Game Name: GhostPuppy1 Which Server: s2 Reason for request: Macro Proof: https://www100.zippyshare.com/v/wZhhWOZ1/file.html
  9. DaB3aR

    Donation In-Game Name: DaB3Ar Server user ID (If obtainable): It wasn't much but after all the fun I've had on the PDE servers it was the least I could do. Thank you for having these servers up!
  10. DaB3aR

    The small magazine is an issue, with a larger magazine though, it would be unbelievably good. But i stick to it cause its a lot of fun to use in game
  11. DaB3aR

    For me it would be the FG-42, its a great gun in game and I would love to see it work in real life.
  12. DaB3aR

    Oof, that's just dirty. Just play the game, cheating shouldn't be a thing on any level of a game.
  13. DaB3aR

    Welcome! The games we played with knifing, sniping, pistols, and especially nades only were so much fun! Good to see you on here and i hope we get more games like that again! Also I love history as well an love stuff about the world wars, whenever i can i loike to watch videos, movies or read articles about the world wars. I like those Instagram pages you have there and i now follow them, good work!
  14. Ban Request for BABYBOP32 Your In-Game Name: DaB3Ar Cheaters In-Game Name: BABYBOP32 Which Server: Server #2 Reason for request: Aimbot Proof: https://www46.zippyshare.com/v/uKzkMOHr/file.html
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