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  1. I don't know if i can add this to this post but its relevant to the Casino update and I didn't want to start a whole new post just for this but on my spin today at the casino i won the car, the Thrax. Sucks that i can't upgrade it a lot due to me being a low level but its still awesome!
  2. DaB3aR

    thank you again Zuko
  3. DaB3aR

    welp, hate to bother again, but its saying punkbuster failed
  4. DaB3aR

    Thanks Zuko! worked like a charm
  5. DaB3aR

    I have tried verifying the game files, i also reinstalled the game, same issue. PC specs: Ryzen 5 14000 RX 570 4gb 8gb ddr4 ram My pc is a prebuilt that was on special so i just picked it up so i cant say what motherboard or psu i have but the pc itself is Dell Inspiron 5676 I installed a kingston M.2 ssd to my pc and thats where the game is downloaded to rather than my 1tb hard drive.
  6. DaB3aR

    COD 4 issues So I finally got Cod 4 to play on the servers and after installing it the multiplayer won't run, it just crashes. The single player mode does run and from there i tried going to multiplayer but it just crashes. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is it an issue with the game?
  7. DaB3aR

    Happy Birthday!
  8. DaB3aR

    I enjoy all of them, but for me the FG-42 is the best. I've had a lot if fun with it but in close second is the Type-99, such a blast to use it.
  9. The Kar is the best i can use and do well with only irons, but something about the springfield always brings me back to it. I love it scoped but also unscoped, i think its the sound it has.
  10. DaB3aR

    I have 741 hours on the steam version, it was gifted to me by friend back in 2013 when i first started PC gaming and about 300 hours were zombies, the rest have been multiplayer. I dont have as many hours in any game compared to others as WaW has the most hours of any game i own, but i want WaW to be the first game i get to 1000 hours.
  11. DaB3aR

    osu! does help with aiming, and since i havent played in a few months i am really rusty at it, but whenever i would play osu! and then later on play a fps game, i would notice the difference even if slight, also music is always a good time
  12. DaB3aR

    Got the last bit needed
  13. A folding phone, though i love the innovation we are getting now rather than the same looking phones, i dont think we are ready for a folding phone and i dont think the technology for a folding phone is quite ready yet. Then there's the price, $2000?? For a phone i already though 800+ was too much, this is just absurd
  14. DaB3aR

    Ban Request Your In-Game Name: DaB3Ar Cheaters In-Game Name: OpalGiantGal Which Server: S2 Reason for request: Aimbot Proof: https://www80.zippyshare.com/v/AbkBSY4a/file.html
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