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  1. PDE should make a IW4x server. Won't hurt to run it either, you have me and scooby to run it and then it's all game from there! Just thought I would share
  2. HughyJuspur

    I failed the first time around
  3. HughyJuspur

    Nice, can't wait to play with you
  4. HughyJuspur

    This sounds like a ton of fun! We should def get on it now before something conflicts later on. Maybe nothing will conflict but still, this needs to happen. Also we could try to make another PDE Console text saying "Enter the PDE Tourny $(whatever amount) to participate!) I think that would entice people but most people don't pay any attention. Also make the rule that you HAVE to be registered on the PDE site to enter. Nothing will be taken without the PDE account. I'm just venting more idea's! Hope this might happen
  5. HughyJuspur

    Welcome to the PDE forums, enjoy you stay! I hope to see you on WaW server #1 and #2. Myself is currently pending for Admin but still, I hope to see your skills. If there is an issue we'll be kind to help! Here on PDE we don't discriminate and will not be racist to any person or their beliefs. We hope this place can offer the best WaW experience possible. We strive to make that our #1 goal. Still, this might be the most useless bit of information ever, I still wanted you to know that. Again, thanks for joining the PDE forums and hope to see you be interactive with everyone on the servers (#1 and #2), and on this site! - Dumbo (That's my nickname)
  6. HughyJuspur

    Yes I am not a Admin but many people caption the reason as 'Unknown'. Please before you post for a ban appeal, please review the clip BEFORE you post! It's not really an issue but it'll save us some time and will give the sufficent amount of data needed to review the ban appeal! Thanks for reading! -Dumbo (That's my nickname)
  7. HughyJuspur

    You have indeed been banned for Reload Cancel, please note that the PDE Console also says the "Reload Canceling is not allowed". At that point, it was you fault (Not bias by any way, or being rude!). It has been in the PDE Console almost every time on the very left of your screen! You may have not seen it, but that doesn't mean that it will be dismissed! I wish you the best of luck trying to get unbanned! - Dumbo (That's my nickname)
  8. HughyJuspur

    \ I understand, I will be playing for a very long time on both server's then! Expect to see me there
  9. HughyJuspur

    Guys now I am currently rendering my app for admin but still I am happy for now! I am currently a freshman at the age of 15 (Failed a year) and I am looking forward to becoming a hard worker when I graduate. I have VAC Ban (I'm not scared to admit my mistakes) mainly because I was dumb, I downloaded a mod menu for private match and then went online by accident! But I try to make things right after that happened. Was an admin for [NEC] for 2 years and then I quit to search far and wide for more options, found this one and now i'm going to wing it! [NEC] website- www.nukeclan.com ( I banned myself before I left to show that I was officially done!) They understood and allowed me to keep my rank (Which was Server Admin). I have no intentions of banning anyone without sufficient evidence because my old admin life had me doing it for a long time! Please if you do desire to ban someone, please provide information (Sorry I get offended from that when you ban without a reason and evidence). I enjoy talking to people on the server's I play on, I enforce the rules even if i'm not an admin! It's only right that I do that. Anyways i forgot to say my name which is Patrick Haskins, refer to me as Dumbo please! I prefer that than my actual name! If anything does arise and I need to help, expect me to be there the ENTIRE time until it has blew over or was dealt with! Thanks for reading, I hope you have a general idea of what i'm like!
  10. HughyJuspur

    Played with you recently and I have good hopes with you! Me as well, have an application set out to become someone who I want to be. i have strong hope that one day i'll be working with you! Cheer's (I'm american but it sounds cheesy for my kinda of personality) if you make it, just don't forget where you originated from, because I don't forget where I originated
  11. HughyJuspur

    I seen you were banned a few hours ago, correct? Again I don't see why but i'll let the Admins take care of it mainly because I haven't been accepted by the site owner's and/or admins with my application! If I do, i'll come back to help you! Just hang in there
  12. Nice profile! mine is not that good but I might take that song for mine ;)

    Hope to be an admin soon! For now lets just say cheers that I made it here xD 


  13. HughyJuspur

    Name: Patrick HaskinsIn-game Name: (WaW Name: JudgeME, Steam Name: HughyJuspur)Country: United StatesCity: Dechora, IowaAge: 15Do You Have Any Other Games?: Call of Duty: Black Ops, Borderlands 2, Insurgency, Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator, etcDo you plan on getting or have an interest in Battlefield 1?: I have a very strong interest in Battlefield 1, but I don't play it on my PC I actually play on Xbox OneHow long have you been playing in PDE Servers?: Umm like a week, and still going What are you good at? Any game skills? I'm good at enforcing rules on others, i'm good at technology based items! Amazing at keeping people calm when there is a hacker that's annoying them in the serverIntroduce Yourself: Hey guys, my name is Patrick Haskins and I have been on Steam for little over 3 years. I indeed do have a VAC Ban and i'm not afraid to hide it, but that doesn't mean that i'm not capable of being an admin. I have strong feeling in Social Studies and anything relating to World War I and World War II also Revolutinary War! I am understanding about some things in life, but when you break the rules (Like I did to get my VAC which taught me a valuable lesson which was to not cheat) we are going to have a problem! Anything else you wanna know to hit me up on Steam and i'll gladly tell youWhat do you think about PDE?: Honestly, PDE is a well developed social/gaming website that has many players daily on WaW and is the only server that I play on WaW. It's better than most named websites like TKC and NEC which are both from Black Ops servers, links to them are here: www.nukeclan.com and www.thekillingcrew.com if you want to look at them! I have no issues with the server and i'm glad it is on WaW because the people on the server are fun to talk to and play with!

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