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  1. Mike_J92

    I run regular 1.7 like Slim modded servers are cancer
  2. Mike_J92

    use the template http://www.pdelite.org/topic/358-ban-appeal-template/
  3. Mike_J92

    garand with doubletap is one of my favourite loadouts right now because its challenging in itself to use, doubletap counters firerate cycle cap on it and when you run and gun with garand you discover another disadvantage of the gun: when you reload the gun, your ammo gets refilled late into animation, so there are moments where you thought you reloaded because clip was inserted into a gun but it still didnt refill your rounds. regarding FG42, it sure does fire entire mag faster than BAR, but its a literal laser so people still drop like flies, BAR much like Garand has strong unpredictable recoil so landing your 2nd shot at mid-short range can be challenging unless you are silly bastard who runs doubletap+steadaim and just rushes people
  4. Mike_J92

    low mag size, high recoil thats fairly unpredictable, slow firerate. its basically a worse semi-auto rifle garand is somewhat similar in that regard, high recoil and damage with low firerate as garand is the only semi-auto rifle in the game with firerate cycle cap
  5. Mike_J92

    DP-28 is sorta like "easier" BAR which is arguably one of hardest weapons in the game to use effectively
  6. Mike_J92

    tbh overall best imo is MG42 simply because of accuracy, firerate and recoil control being easy enough to stay on target and melt them. I do have a soft spot for all of these however, especially type99 which is only hindered by its magazine obscuring vision
  7. biggest problem with Banzai is layout, which has an effect on DOM and CTF unlike other maps where "outside" route around the map is covered, Banzai has one route with no cover (river), and another with the most fierce fighting (cave) this results in bottlenecks galore, specifically bridge and cave entrances, as a result of those chokepoints waterfall/pond area which is basically "middle" part of the map ends up as a killzone that is necessary for control, but too easy too shut down. what I think would work best for this mode is HQ, which we already had at some point, it requires people to actually move around the map to win and doesnt lock spawns as much as TDM/DOM/CTF does. and regarding DOM on another map, what about Station? while it also suffers from 3 lane design problem, its fairly symmetrical and has a large area that can be used to effectively flank far flag. funnily enough flag B is in most popular chokepoint so it wouldnt even affect how map plays that much I repeat myself here but in my opinion blops2 version of this map is whole lot better
  8. Mike_J92

    17.9 is codx version, it also has updates
  9. Mike_J92

    yeah its very much like a new "save slot", you gotta grind this stuff all over, but dont worry, you unlock them faster than you may think, just play the game
  10. Mike_J92

    still blew up your ass with C4! oh and btw nerf Simmy, give him like 30% hp or something because whenever he farts in your direction its game over
  11. Application for PDE - MikeJ Name: Mike In-game Name: Mike_J92 Country: UK City: Rochdale Age: 27 Do You Have Any Other Games?: 800+ apparently, right now mostly playing WaW, EU4 and L4D2 How long have you been playing in PDE Servers?: nearly 2 years What are you good at? Any game skills?: I point and click and people die (most of the time). other than that I am more of a support guy looking out for my team. Introduce Yourself: not very good at talking about myself but some people know me here already. I am amateur gamedev working on mods and attempting to make my own game in free time, used to freelance in 3D design and worked as graphic designer for a while, but office work isnt for me because I get too angry/nervous/stressed with other people (especially customers), so now I have a less paid job that saves me a lot of nerves so in the end it was worth changing. What do you think about PDG?: its alright place, plenty of good people and proper good servers.
  12. Mike_J92

    your multiplayer name is the same as your online profile. you can make a new one with name you want, PDE has high XP so its easy to reach max prestige quickly
  13. Mike_J92

    is MC Ride too much for you?
  14. Mike_J92

    for those who dont know Death Grips, its often refered to as "that one hiphop group that your metalhead friend likes" and its pretty accurate description
  15. Mike_J92

    Arisaka for me due to nice irons and decent animations, but overall all bolts feel similar and function the same fuck springfield tho, cant get used to irons at all
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