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  1. Mike_J92

    maybe you shouldnt use that word in the first place? its not some random curseword you can throw around.
  2. Mike_J92

    friendly reminder that this date is also a birthday of certain infamous politician
  3. Mike_J92

    active "server upkeep funds" statusbar would also be nice on front page
  4. Mike_J92

    chipped in 50 dollars earlier today, wish more people donated so noone had to pay bigger sums of money
  5. well not all problems in ideal world Martyrdom perk would require you to have at least one grenade in inventory for it to work Jugg/Flak Jacket/Fireproof would be equipment that breaks after certain amount of hits Stopping power/Sleight of hand/Double Tap would be weapon attachments (as they are in later games) Camouflage would only hide you if you are moving (same as ghost perk in blops2) so campers dont get too much of advantage nerf Ordnance training so other tank perks actually get some spotlight cap cycle rate on semi autos and pistols to a reasonable amount too bad nothing can be done about those, especially about martyrdom
  6. Mike_J92

    nvidia AO doesnt give you wallhacks/outlines of players if you were to see them through transparent/translucent surfaces like smoke/foliage, it doesnt work like chams.
  7. no idea if its possible, but what if that bonus was simply experience boost? so you get X amount of bonus XP for dropping Y player on certain killstreak?
  8. Mike_J92

  9. Mike_J92

  10. Mike_J92

    @Anubisgame goes on sale often and you can buy it cheap from site like G2A
  11. Mike_J92

    Epic store is both good and bad for a bunch of reasons: the good: - first real competition to Steam, this forced Valve to up their game by lowering their 30% cut for devs who made it over certain treshold to 25% and then 20% - developers get 88% cut from sales the bad: - yet another goddamn launcher for games - taxes arent included in game price for most regions so you pay more in the end - exclusivity is never a good for customer, only for the one who owns the platform: see Sony or Apple the ugly: - developers dont get many of the tools steam provides, being steamworks API, workshop, community hubs, forums etc. - Epic is paying developers for exclusivity, which would be fine if developers didnt have preorders on steam earlier, like in case of Metro: Exodus - as far as I know, there is no key reselling from sites like g2a or fanatical as you can do it with steam, uplay and origin gotta wait another year or so to see where Epic finds themselves, fortnite stopped growing and bad publicity is biting their assess, denuvo is no longer uncrackable so piracy is an option for annoyed customers, if they dont play it carefully they may end up just like Origin, irrevelant to the market.
  12. myself I only question how it will affect bullet behavior, some games that dont have player collision do still block your bullets with their bodies, it could be frustrating if you are shooting someone, and teammate runs through you effectively blocking your shots and giving your enemy two kills
  13. Mike_J92

    "Time Diver: Eon Man", or as we knew it in Eastern Europe "Time Diver: Avenger" had some really sick music, really nice game that came at end of NES lifecycle, so it didnt really get any traction but it has some really nice gameplay to it, I recommend you check it out on emulator or actual machine if you can hunt down the cart.
  14. Mike_J92

    hey zuko thanks for reminding me that Psycho Pass exists and how disappointing it was. have this tho
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