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  1. Mike_J92

  2. Mike_J92

  3. Mike_J92

    I think you sorta overdone it this time
  4. Mike_J92

  5. Mike_J92

    yeah one thing people overlook is power consumption, I could have easily bought a more powerful card that requires more power, but then again I pay my own electricity bills and I like these low
  6. Mike_J92

    y'all need more metal
  7. Mike_J92

    you people are the reason I hate dome
  8. Mike_J92

    80 euro is somewhat expensive considering its performance, here I compared it to a budget card I am using right now https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/compare/Radeon-R7-250-vs-GeForce-GTX-1050/2768vs3596 if you are really desperate, plunge to Ebay or as around local PC stores if they got any used ones, you could also be a cheap bastard like me and just go for a budget card like gtx1050 I mentioned
  9. Mike_J92

    isnt there an option to simply disable this equipment on server? I remember certain cod4 servers disabling some grenade types so if you loaded into game with them they were simply removed.
  10. Mike_J92

    cheers mate, it sent me on binge of boxing videos before work
  11. Mike_J92

  12. Mike_J92

  13. Mike_J92

    heres demo, ban is two weeks long https://www40.zippyshare.com/v/SUDrmLVH/file.html
  14. Mike_J92

    posted this in wrong thread by accident lol
  15. Mike_J92

    ...yup, thats what happens when you got multiple pages open in browser and you paste a link into a wrong thread, now I cant delete it