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  1. Mike_J92

    yes you will not do that because you will not play on servers again
  2. Mike_J92

    you are not getting unbanned
  3. Mike_J92

    good stuff Slim, get yourself DMC HD collection, has first 3 games and you can get it on PC or any modern console. DMC2 can be completely skipped DMC3 is the highlight of series and arguably the best overall game, hard like hell so be warned DMC4 was rushed but it had the best gameplay up until DMC5 showed up which is a love letter to the series.
  4. speaking of unique playstyles, recently I have seen guy called SatchelSarge on the server and he was doing just what you would expect him to do, throw satchels around, silly git even went with positive KD and good score on shrine/cliffside that was packed with players, absolute madman had me laugh all match when he kept blowing me up!
  5. I would rather see SMGs banned than Betties, time to be devil advocate: they prevent mindless smg rushing by being a speedbump for those players they can be placed in various places to check perimeter so you know that enemy is coming they are nowhere near as big of an issue than you make it to be, I play on both PDE servers and floor isnt made out of them on tank maps I consider them a waste of slot because as Simmy mentioned, there are bazooka, satchels and x2 primary nade that should be used to take down tanks, but in the end its still a tactical choice that is down to player there are two perks that directly counter betties, bomb squad and flak jacket, if you didnt run stopping power on your type100 with boxmag, you would maybe notice the second perk they have a glowing fuse that sticks out, they arent as hard to notice as you make them to be, and on top of players being predictable, you can guess where they will be placed and toss a nade to counter them or simply bait the explosion from around the corner betties can be used against players planting them, as sometimes those players get too cozy sitting around them, this is a free kill betty damage is delayed, if you are fast enough you can find a piece of cover to reduce the damage, gotta be fast tho by making camping spots a bit harder to contest, betties are a good tool for map control
  6. Mike_J92

    @the_slim_reefer play new DMC mate, Shadow appears there too but you summon him as the new character. its a solid game too.
  7. Mike_J92

    @true.north FYI new album is up
  8. Mike_J92

    you wouldnt act like a shithead out on the street, so why did you decide it was alright to do so online?
  9. Mike_J92

    congrats Simmy
  10. my biggest gripe with main quest is bethesda design in way of railroading player into a specific role without allowing them to actually roleplay whatever they want its like they saw New Vegas and said "oh you get to meet all factions before making choices, lets do that" thing is that new vegas allows you to piss off EVERY faction and play them whatever way you want to and doesnt force you into a role of jesus christ of the wasteland. then there is case of world not even reacting to whatever you are doing, much like in Skyrim. I could go on for a long time but this isnt a topic that is to be discussed through textboxes on a forum, I prefer my RPGs where I can be immersed into a role I have created for myself. still doesnt change the fact that Todd got my money multiple times as I have bought both Skyrim, Fo76 and Fo4 multiple times
  11. I want to see a mod that fixes that damn main quest already!
  12. Mike_J92

    well since you posted stuff outside of WaW, guess I can too: picture taken right before disaster: random monster wave in Call of Chernobyl: Khergit confused about his gender payday 2 mods are fun picture taken right before disaster - part 2 enemy that always gives me PTSD song for this miniboss is instant PTSD too
  13. Mike_J92

    thats quite true
  14. Mike_J92

    I wanted to post something silly but going through my screenshots only showed archive of people using bad language, so its better if I dont post
  15. Mike_J92

    I just hope 100+ player groundwar they talked about isnt a goddamn battle royale
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