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  1. Mike_J92

    I welcome fellow non-human here, we shall let them know of t̷̥̘̱̙̫ͧ̓̈̿̊͆͆̉̇ͬ̿ͮ͛̀͝ḩ̸́̅ͧ̆ͦ̄̂̽ͥͨ͂͊̈́͌ͮ̏ͣ̃͢͝͏̙̬̝͚͍̯͎̮̦̪ę̡̟̳̙̪̺͎̰̤̯̺̮̈͋̆͌͗̑͋ͯͮͬ́͘͜͜ ͇̹̗͖͉̩̻̺͉̠̜̮̰̼̞̪ͫ̽͌̔̏̃ͭͤ̎̅ͪ̕̕̕ȩ̶ͤ͛̊ͪ͛̒̽̀̍ͫ̀͏̳͙̜̭̟ņ̛̦̬̗̦͓̱͎ͫͮ̓ͫ̀͟d̃̂͋̆̊ͭͯ́ͣ̓҉̬͙͔̫͚̀ ̢̧̯͚̤̪̬͔̱͖̪͎̈ͣ͑̾ͯͩ̀͢͝ͅtͪͤ̒ͬ̌̓͗̑ͤ͐͊҉̞̬̤̯̦̝͙͍̰͕͖͘ͅi͇͖̳͍̣̩̥̠̓ͫ̂́ͤ͊̽͐͛ͦͯ̒̆̍̐͞ͅm̷̵̭̘͕̩̽͑͆̾̿͗̀͆͗̈̎̍̈́ͭ̉̐͆̚é̵̢͓͕̥̜̟̱̰̗͎̹͓͈ͮ͌ͭͯ̊̀s̮̣̦̯̟̭̙̲̥͇̱̗̙̩̄͆̓̍͊͢͢ soon enough
  2. Mike_J92

  3. Mike_J92

    Love me some Laibach
  4. Mike_J92

    those are some high temps, you need better cooling, especially for CPU
  5. Mike_J92

    could be that an admin decided that you needed a longer break, care to tell us what you were typing in chat?
  6. Mike_J92

    "restricted words" huh? care to give some more explicit examples?
  7. there are many confusions about framerate so lemme clear something up when framerate is displayed in some engines, for example in source, you may see that it fluctuates like MAD, reason for it is that framerate display is updated PER FRAME as you can see on this debug panel I got here displaying framerate updated per frame is pointless, and it doesnt mean anything to developer, what you look at instead are miliseconds (ms) when I work on mod and tell my team that model I have made is expensive to render because it adds two frames to the scene, they dont know what that is supposed to mean, but if I tell them it adds whole 20ms due to shaders being complicated, now thats a whole different story. whats most likely to have happened in case of MW/Q3A is that framerate is simply set to average, which you can of course also do with source engine, and as result it will be the same "rounding" bug you are talking about
  8. Mike_J92

    one of those songs that really gets stuck in your head, gotta be fault of the main riff
  9. thats not how you spell Red Alert 2
  10. Mike_J92

  11. meant to say owned by ACTIVISION-BLIZZARD since its a joint company
  12. agreed on 2nd beta, netcode was dogshit no mater who was in my party or if I were alone, first beta and previous alpha didnt have that problem for some reason thats something I have to completely disagree on, maps are very much made the same way they were in old CoD, load up Bloc, Strike, Broadcast, Backlot or Crossfire on CoD4 and you will see similarities straight away. 3 lane maps were dumbed down gameplay to picking a corridor and outaiming the opponent instead of outplaying them it is, IW confirmed on reddit that they rebuilt lighting for final version, it was the worst on Hackney Yard agreed partially due to lack of destruction, its the only ingredient that is really missing, map we got to play wasnt really that big either. because its owned by Blizzard and they want more people on their platform, same story for Blops4 not the whole mode thankfully, only survival mode which is what you had in MW3, 1 year exclusive is still bullshit imo, 1 month is reasonable enough but one year is way too much! completely agreed, this is the only thing that really pissed me off about the game and made me regret preordering
  13. played early access alpha 2v2, first beta and recent 2nd beta so here are some of my thoughts and observations: netcode seemed way different in last beta compared to first one, I want to blame crossplay on this but I cant be sure, hitreg was completely off most of the games spawns are absolutely terrible, but its something IW is aware of and they are going to fix it, or so they say at least, Hackney Yard was biggest offender regarding Hackney Yard, fuck this map and FUCK THIS MAP, other maps are really good in my opinion, they are big, open and cluttered, if you were to add some destruction to weaker structures like wooden fences/crates etc it would be an improvement enemies not showing on your minimap even when they are shooting is a good change imo, forces you to pay attention instead of chasing red dots guns and gunsmith are great, you can completely mess up your gun to the point its a millstone around your neck or you can make it into a laser with careful choices, attachments finally have impact without being direct upgrades IW are actively changing the game with feedback they are getting, which is both good and bad, in 2v2 alpha deagle was a guaranteed 2 shot kill and shotguns were mad strong, afterwards deagle got a serious nerf and shotguns started to be very inconsistent at longer ranges vehicles are great, players who think they are invincible in them are even better, my rockets killing clusters of them are the best I love ground war, sadly I couldnt play much because I kept loosing connection to host, gamemode is a chaotic mess but its my kind of chaotic mess overall bigger modes > smaller modes cyber attack is a nice twist on S&D, requires more map control that goes beyond camping the right corner read about campers and how they plague the game, didnt notice that many being honest with you, then again it may be european servers that are free from them quickscoping is in and I still get salty over getting killed like that realism mode removes ALL HUD and its great, health values arent changed NVG mode is briliant and I want more of it TTK is just right
  14. Mike_J92

    good taste in games @[PDE] The Road already played through VtmB multiple times tho, will drop some recommendations myself for other people here: Mount and Blade: Warband https://www.gog.com/game/mount_blade_warband genre: Third Person Action/RPG/Strategy Amazing game despite being quite ugly and made with barely any budget, started out as multiplayer expansion to original M&B but eventually became its own standalone expansion to the game during development with expanded map and new faction. Combat is something people may know from games like Chivalry, where direction of your mouse decides what attack you are going to execute, as a results you also have directional blocks, system goes even deeper when it comes to multiplayer because some really dedicated people play that. singleplayer has a simple goal, unite the continent, but its up to you if you will even bother with it. you can play as anyone, from nobleman to bandit, to a trader to a peasant. I strongly recommend using diplomacy mod, its basically vanila+ with some great quality of life improvements and further expansion of actual diplomacy parts of the game, because running a kingdom isnt all about shanking other lords. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series https://www.gog.com/game/stalker_shadow_of_chernobyl genre: FPS/RPG/Horror I dont care what you heard about Call of Chernobyl, play it last. actual playing order of the games is same as release order, meaning: Shadow of Chernobyl -> Clear Sky -> Call of Pripyat some people probably heard of stalker series, for those who didnt, its as if you took Fallout, placed it in Chernobyl exclusion zone, and put more emphasis on Horror and FPS elements of the game. I hate using this term but this is basically something in lines of "Dark Souls of FPS Games", s.t.a.l.k.e.r. games are very atmospheric, difficult, immersive and unique in a sense that no game I have played got close to level of atmosphere and immersion s.t.a.l.k.e.r. offers. you may be tempted to play with mods on first playthrough, I strongly recommend against it except for "Sky Reclamation Project" for Clear Sky which is strongly recommended as even after many patches the game is still quite buggy. Max Payne https://store.steampowered.com/app/12140/Max_Payne/ genre: TPS I could recommend whole Max Payne series, but its first game that always stands out to me and I keep coming back to it, its atmosphere and tight gameplay (which was refined in second game) are great, but its storytelling that takes the spotlight here. this game has a lot of problems running on modern systems, you will have to go through community patches to get it to work, but it is worth it in the end. bonus points if you are playing this in the winter after a heavy snowfall https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Max_Payne Cave Story https://www.cavestory.org/ genre: platformer - freeware "back in my days we didnt call them indies, we called them freeware!" Cave Story is a platformer made by one guy over 5 years in his spare time, it released in 2004 and it still has an active modding community (made a mod myself a while back just to try it) there is a steam version, but whats the point of getting it if there is a LEGAL free version, yes kids back in the day we called these FREEWARE and there were plenty of them, but now everyone insist on putting bloody browser games onto steam and charging ridiculous amount of money for them. when I first played the game I got off demo disc in PCGamer mag, I expected a nice platformer with cutesy graphics, something I was used to back in the day as a kid playing NES, then it turned out its not entirely cute game and has few grim moments. gameplay is tight, multiple weapons with unique leveling system where you pick up EXP dropped from enemies to level guns up, so they do more damage, but they loose level and power down when you take hits, its a very easy to get into metroidvania type of platformer that can get pretty challenging, and absolutely soul crushing in final levels.
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