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    don't close that topic Simmy : answer to me, and join or play on your server ! You judge without being in the server Gracias

    Didn't say it's the first time though. And no i'm not watching Baseball 😐 Ohh ! You know me better than i do i guess 🤔 So it's easy for you to forgive how to ride a bike ? Even with warnings ? Alright you know everything ! And sorry to disappoint you BUT i'm not concerned by those "clip seeking sniping buddies" or yours "armless players" or by the guys bullying me for no reason and not even a single warning 😐 And ohhh there is no other server than yours ! Little message for all admins : fix the problem for people getting kick for no reason and non legit key, you're losing player for nothing

    I do it yes you're right ! But i'm trying to avoid it. If you don't want me in your server it's ok i'll stop call of duty and let this server die like JFF & Anarchy died ! Don't forget we (players) make your server live ! I try to avoid the reflex to cancel reload cuz it's something i do since i'm playing cod and it's hard to lose this reflex. As you want guys

    That's sad In-Game Name: pc_clip Server 1 or Server 2: 1 Admin that banned you (If You Know): Scrinn Ban Length (If You Know): perma Reason for your ban (If You Know): I don't know, probably for cancel reload Why you wish to be unbanned: as i said to Nikogreece i'm trying to avoid this reflex ! There is a progression compairs to before ! Other players can witness it Any other comments: i just wanna play & chill + XRay is often in the server and can aprove that i'm doing right, and the most i can

    i watched the whole demo and i did it once, once on 4min of demo. I did it but it wasn't a real cancel reload.... I panicked and didn't mind to do it for real. On the first demo it was the first game and i did it the whole game until you warned me. There is a progression, it's just a reflex i'm trying to avoid... Please allow me a last chance... Best regards

    Unbann me pls I'm banned for scripting but i don't so it's quite sad since i listened to you ( stop cancel reload) in game name : pc_clip

    In-Game Name: DYSISLOVE Server 1 or Server 2: 1/2 Admin that banned you (If You Know): i don't know Ban Length (If You Know): it's write 'perma ban' Reason for your ban (If You Know): i don't really know, maybe cancel reload Why you wish to be unbanned: i wish to be unbanned because i want to play, ofc without cancel reload or else , i can record in live if necessary Any other comments: Your server is one of the server playable without HC and with 40/40
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