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  1. RealEstufa

    Won't let me comment after I tag you, was going to say I had a clip in there that in my opinion wasn't even decent aside from the fact that I killed you more times in a row than I ever have before haha; felt more accomplished than anything else I've done on PDE =P
  2. RealEstufa

  3. RealEstufa/Deanboom PDE montage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5GVjkL04Kg Some clips I finally spent a day putting together. Nothing special regarding editing or anything, but I wanted to make something in honor of my favorite cod/server =).
  4. RealEstufa

    Ah yeah it would require mods, and that is a darn shame =(!
  5. RealEstufa

    I'm talking about a custom option that we vote on so when the game starts you can only have shotguns as a selection.
  6. RealEstufa

    40 players having at it with shotties and no explosives would be a level of chaos many of us would absolutely get behind!
  7. Hey guys I've been playing here since PDE was a thing and I come bringing loads of complaints about DOME with 30+ players. It's pretty awful in its current state and every time I suggest shotties only in game pretty much everyone acknowledges how fun it would be. Is there any possible chance this could be a thing in the future? At least maybe an option that we can all vote on before the game starts like on some servers. Either way, something being done about DOME with more than 20 players would be fantastic <3
  8. RealEstufa

    I'm curious how the server location will be decided? Perhaps having an even number of matches on both an EU and NA location would be most fair. Sticking to one location will heavily favor either EU or NA players.

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