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  1. Ariana_

    scrubdestroy Your In-Game Name: Ariana_ Cheaters In-Game Name: scrubdestroy Which Server: PDE#2 world at war Reason for request: he uses aim cheats Proof: https://www116.zippyshare.com/v/dCZuZ7V0/file.html
  2. Ariana_

    Fall Out Boy + Twenty One Pilots + Imagine Dragons, Spotify playlist of their various songs: boop! Anyone else listen to em?
  3. Ariana_

    Grats Pika
  4. Ariana_

    what do you mean notifications?
  5. Ariana_

    I can say killyou888 is generally a good gamer and nice person to play with I don't think they'd of flamed it at anyone. Just my two cents.
  6. Ariana_

    I'll be sure to pop in! I play normally 8-9am and 10-11pm (GMT) thank you!
  7. Ariana_

    I do love to spam through walls hehe ^^ Yeah PDE's not recruiting anyone anymore so doubt this app counts for much anymore but I appreciate your comments!!
  8. Ariana_

    Welcome to PDE
  9. Ariana_

    Thats strange because I use M1 Garand, Carbine and MP40 and normal nades hehe
  10. Ariana_

    I use your tactics against others hehe.
  11. Ariana_

    I don't think I've ever talked to them can you describe them :3
  12. Ariana_

    Thank you so much thats so sweet
  13. Ariana_

    I can post some leaderboard screenshots if you really want but thank you
  14. Ariana_

    Thank you ipix!
  15. Ariana_

    I mean sure the process takes time and whatnot but Ipix is easily one of the single best players on your servers, I love the challenge of playing against them! Too true Campix too true
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