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  1. ScroobyDoo

    I believe your ban was only for 24 hours so I would imagine that you should be able to get back on sometime in the near future ! Hopefully anyways
  2. ScroobyDoo

    Im pretty sure you can bro Anyways , i'd reck you in melee as long as your not a fox main
  3. ScroobyDoo

    Ay good luck with the app I dont think youll get PDE because that takes some time and dedication But I absolutely want to goof you up in Smash melee 1v1 netplay sometime ! and WELCOME
  4. ScroobyDoo

    My fav album sick music video too btw
  5. ScroobyDoo

    Have a good birthday !
  6. ScroobyDoo

    Someones gotta change it up haha Love when the beat goes in , makes me think of skeletons partying at a graveyard
  7. ScroobyDoo

    lmao this is gold !
  8. ScroobyDoo

    Congrats Gamer
  9. ScroobyDoo

    I really like the thought of having a ranking system in WaW , it tickles me just the right way. also custom maps are nice However I would hate to see server activity drop because of these things like mods and maps.
  10. ScroobyDoo

    I think this is kind of funny, You probs have to wait for the admin that banned you to take a look at this before an unban happens but as long as this is the only issue and there is no further information i'm lacking I would totally support a unban. Its not up to me though and not really my place to say what happens. Sorry mate , you gotta play the waiting game good luck to you tho friendo.
  11. ScroobyDoo

    I like zuko's idea of having a mod implemented , I have no clue on how that would work, if there is a mod already created for this purpose or if we can successfully implement it on our server without any issues. I think this would be the best and I think it would be interesting to have a rank system in WaW that would most certainly motivate me to grind out some time in game and I would imagine that other players would also be interested as well. However I would be willing to see how this auto-balance thing works out and if it causes too many issues for players trying to game together. Its nice to game with friends , and I would hate to have that consistently limited by auto balance but I am willing to see where things go.
  12. I've been playing some Fallout 4 , just started playing for the first time since it was on steam sale Some Overwatch Ring of Elysium , a F2P battle royale similar to pubG but set in the winter with some new added feature Smash bros melee net play

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