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  1. Fellow friend. Do you think this server will be alive? I've never gave COD 4 a try in my life. Emerald told me to buy it. I'll love to give it a shot
  2. Would be able but gotta config it to 1.7, Just got punkbuster on thou
  3. Own the game literally never play it
  4. Franc3s

    Quiet dead.
  5. Franc3s

    I just hope this ends </3 It's summer and cheating breaks my soul
  6. Franc3s

    A new moderator is good and all. I play for fun, But 1 person can't continuous watch over the server.
  7. Franc3s

    The gun he's using is lowkey the hardest gun to determine if it's a macro or not
  8. Franc3s

    Most likely i rewatch it my eyes don't work as they use to before I tried it out myself and it's possible to shoot that fast all in the fingers
  9. Franc3s

    Macro Franc3s PDE 2 AKATWISTED (HIS NAME) proof: tip: We need more admins playing on pde2, Me and David and other regulars been catching a lot of macros and aimbots the last person I saw on was Clyde and Emerald
  10. Franc3s

    Exact same guy as me Just uploaded the video Also using macros
  11. Franc3s

    Aimbotter Your In-Game Name:Franc3s Cheaters In-Game Name:ZedOverdose Which Server:PDE 2 Reason for request:Aimbot and macro Proof: Watch youtube video at 0.15 he turns it off and on and I caught him red-handed using it, also believe so he had stopping power so he was firing way to fast
  12. Franc3s

    Macro/scrip Your In-Game Name:Franc3s Cheaters In-Game Name:[NL]Muskett23 Which Server:PDE2 Reason for request:Macro script rapid fire Proof: Sorry for the audio of my keyboard and mouse. Wasn't a admin so he might still be on there
  13. Franc3s

    Only 840 Zuko makes mine look trash
  14. Franc3s

    They aren't going to unban. You cheated and used hacks from what I read just find a new server. Unless they give you a 2nd shot... 2% likely
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