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  1. Franc3s

    Yeah, but not 100% positive people were saying "no recoil" I checked myself the dude nevered aimed and it looked off and on when emba connected
  2. Franc3s

    Haha, yeah I know some guys not close with the PDE people other than a few vips and like 4 admins. But yeah I feel yeah. I take waw serious due to the fact It started my "Fps gaming" career. And the forms thing is basically true, i made a account just to get me register but at the time i didn't know if i was going to stay in france or live completly with my dad in texas but the time changed and i move to texas. But def will "keep under a radar like right now i was playing 5m ago and i was overreading a no recoil hacker in pde2 have the name saw you we're connected didn't know if you we're gonna take care of it or not !
  3. Franc3s

    Just a heads up, I've seen "play more" and "Catch more cheaters" I'm almost my way to 1000 hours on world at war, I just became a regular for playing 2 years thanks to paul reading my say.
  4. Franc3s

    Application (PDG)(PDE) Name:Tyler In-game Name:Franc3s, (Franc3es on orgins) Country:United States Of America {Time being} City:College Station Age:17 Do You Have Any Other Games?:Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, And a lot more but don’t seem to recall anyone mention a pde server for them. Do you plan on getting or have an interest in Battlefield V? Soonly yes, Die hard battle field 1 fan, level 206 on ps4, got it on computer month latter and now working to level myself up, I get on every day of Battlefield 1, At least a game or 2 sometimes i grind it all day on a free day. How long have you been playing in PDE Servers?:World at war was my first game on steam (2017) PDE 1 was the first server i found that was classic (world at war was my first call of duty why i love it so much) PDE 2 found around 5 months later and only server i get on no other server catches my attention then double xp active players and no bull. What are you good at? Any game skills? Average fps player, said my KD on world at war was between 1.10-1.30 don't know haven’t check. I’m more extreme gamer when it comes to games like far cry, fallout, MMO’s more thinking in my system is involved then fps. Introduce Yourself:Don’t recall being a amature but goofing off in a contrast way is my way. I’m not one of those in quote “Kick him and re invite him to mess with him” i'm more of verbal man. I just say stuff to seem funny for me and between my pieres laugh. But the one thing to know about me is i’m never serious. When I am serious i’ll be obvious, change in tone, change in words, change in point of view. Things such as (My homies, My family, A game i passion about for the least i can say 3 games Wizard101 (Being playing since i was a kid) (BattleField ones I don’t consider bad) (World at war, not the fact i'm applying to a World at War server it’s the fact this is basically my FPS childhood game, When I was 7 I bought the game by stealing my parents credit card and secretly buying it not the smartest thing but i consider it a memorable moment. Sooner or later I switch over to PC gaming Discovering World At War and steam found my way to PDE servers. What do you think about PDG?:Never learnt the difference, but PDE servers are a love to me. Servers where I can go back to the moment where the game was active and represented a timeline of playing it like it was in that date makes me happy and I’d like to keep it going.
  5. Been playing on the server for 2 years, donator yet still not a vip but oh well 😂 still like the classic waw server
  6. Franc3s

    Is it active, I'm literally on bf1 and waw timely.
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