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  1. Soldier13578

    ShadowbraveG Aimbot and texture/wh gave a 1 day ban Alan https://youtu.be/lA2DBafyPkc
  2. Soldier13578

    Ok, thanks anyway for looking at it. Thanks to those who also supported above. See you in game
  3. Soldier13578

    UCS have confirmed no issues too
  4. Soldier13578

    Would that mean you also support me joining PDG under an alias Alan
  5. Soldier13578

    Hi Paul, Im not leaving UCS as you say been there many years and love it, I also love PDE and having been around for a while now and as a mod it felt right to join here too if allowed. I would use an alias of course for any tags, however you are right re double clans, as a mod already and if I used an alias I hoped that would be workable> Nothing has happened with UCS far from it. In terms of for WaW in the sense its the game I currently play yes but not just for that, I did read the things to look for and think I tick all the boxes other than double clans. I am checking with Barry too (UCS) Hopefully not an issue either way but let me know Alan
  6. Soldier13578

    Ty Zuko
  7. Soldier13578

    Thx guys
  8. Soldier13578

    lol and they work so well
  9. Soldier13578

    Application Name: AlanIn-game Name:UCS Soldier13578Country:UKCity:SwindonAge:52Do You Have Any Other Games?:nope just WaWHow long have you been playing in PDE Servers?: not sure but a few at leastWhat are you good at? Any game skills? seems to more I play the worse I get so lets say persistentIntroduce Yourself:Hi chaps, been around here for sometime splitting my time between ucs and pde, do my part where i can as a mod and donate when I can. Would like to join, great server good community.What do you think about PDG?:As above, fun games, dome is nuts though its great to see this great old game being kept alive pretty much between you guys and UCS now with not many left
  10. Soldier13578

    Server 1 yeah
  11. Soldier13578

    Tetrapack aimbotter Hi all, aimbotter, short video very clear to see multiple snaps, perm ban requested
  12. Soldier13578

  13. Soldier13578

    REDNEK007 this chap was on 3rd Nov, looks like multihack, recoil, texture and some snaps, nailbomb kicked him but somehow he got back in so I banned him again. Three vids below, I know these guns can be steady but these are rock solid not moving at all. third vid taking a while to upload so may not work as i post this for twenty mins, ots 13.40 GMT now https://youtu.be/twThJrJSmwQ https://youtu.be/5Pp-oH3p-1c https://youtu.be/cOd89tSOY2Y
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