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De Lezo

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  1. De Lezo

  2. De Lezo

    yeah, I like you, this is more campix for you. seasom pass is shit. I have it, but this is moment I do not see it useful.
  3. De Lezo

    it's different, you have to get used to new things, but is fun
  4. De Lezo

    I know....but apologize.
  5. De Lezo

    Hi Amazinmasian I hope you have fun at the PDE´s servers
  6. De Lezo

    hi JoyDivision WELCOME!!!!!!!! WE SEE IN THE FIELD OF BATTLE!
  7. De Lezo

    z0r0...you do not understand that there are people who do not understand these things? apologize, please.
  8. De Lezo

  9. De Lezo

    Can't wait for the beta to start!
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