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Everything posted by [PDE]PRIEST/FlashDeath

  1. [PDE]PRIEST/FlashDeath

    Hola !!! Good idea!
  2. [PDE]PRIEST/FlashDeath

    Hello Pikachu23, nice 2 see U in out family! Congratulations. Good luck!
  3. [PDE]PRIEST/FlashDeath

    OMG !!!! Ipix is here. Im in big big big Shock! But good luck Marc!
  4. [PDE]PRIEST/FlashDeath


    Hello Uemo, im always too late.
  5. [PDE]PRIEST/FlashDeath

    Hello 5b1 !!! Im a little bit late with welcoming, hehe. Good luck!
  6. [PDE]PRIEST/FlashDeath

    OMG, DeLezo bastardo,heheheh. Nice to see You here (a month later). Hello!
  7. [PDE]PRIEST/FlashDeath

    Hello, Im from Poland, we are located in middle Europe. Profas, Hansipuf and Jano are my neighbours. Emi and Freaky are from Poland too.
  8. [PDE]PRIEST/FlashDeath

    Hello Morgan, good too see You here. Im on yes, if I could to say something, U are cool man and good luck!
  9. [PDE]PRIEST/FlashDeath

    Profas Bro, Happy Birthday !!! Let the dream come tru !!! best wishes for U !!!
  10. [PDE]PRIEST/FlashDeath

    Holly Shit, Hell Nooo. only not Emba !!! Heheh, CONGRATULATION SON !!!

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