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  1. frankln147

  2. frankln147

    you assume alot of shit about me lol you dont even know me first im a kid and now ive never been around people.... what a shitty administrator and i checked out your youtube you SUCK ASS AT COMMENTARY FIND SOMTHING ELSE TO DO what u gotta say about me now ?
  3. frankln147

    ok i feed bad for what ive said thats kinda ridiculous tho for not giving me a second chance or at least a 3 or 2 month ban IDK i can understand if i was a repeat offender.
  4. frankln147

    FUCK YOU ALL THEN ill just buy the game again
  5. frankln147

    how long will i be ban for? i cant join sver 2 and its the only sever that has people on at the time i want to play
  6. frankln147

    so i wont be getting unban then?
  7. frankln147

    i wont be saying it anymore...
  8. frankln147

    i am very sorry wont happen again.
  9. frankln147

    i was talking shit to some guy that said eat a dick i said wheres it at and he said ask your mom and i said shes dead ni&^%%a
  10. frankln147

    the bans for 27 years ??
  11. frankln147

    I got ban for saying nigga how long is my ban?
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