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  1. Morgan2233

    Its still not letting me add a profile and be able to select it. And adding it to the active.txt didnt work either
  2. Morgan2233

    Its still not letting me create a profile and actually be able to use it. And adding the profile in the active.txt didnt work either.
  3. Morgan2233

    It is in the file when i go to WaW and go to players but it dosent show in game
  4. Morgan2233

    I did that and its letting me create a profile and i really don't wanna start from scratch Any ways to fix that?
  5. Morgan2233

  6. Morgan2233

    I have uninstalled my game and I am still having the same issue
  7. Morgan2233

    I have been having issues with my World at War for several days now. Whenever I go online I cannot sign into any online profile. I try to create another one and it just pops back up saying you need to create a profile to use online features. I have closed the game restarted my PC and my internet and nothing has worked! This is a problem for multiplayer and singleplayer. Razer comms also says server access not available. Nothing is wrong with my internet because I can still get on the internet and play every other game i own.
  8. Morgan2233

    Thanks! Its an honor to be apart of such a great community!
  9. Morgan2233

    That was my "secret" aliases and I thought I would mess around with you and have a little fun
  10. Name: Morgan Clark In-game Name: Morgan2233 Country: United States of America City: Brevard, North Carolina Age: 19 Do You Have Any Other Games?: Garry mod, CoD 4, TF2, MW3. Do you plan on getting or have an interest in Battlefield 1? I plan on getting it as soon as i upgrade my PC (Soon!) How long have you been playing in PDE Servers?: I have been playing on PDE servers for almost 2 years What are you good at? Any game skills? I am a offensive player but I can also play defensively if needed. Introduce Yourself: Hello! My name is Morgan Clark (Morgan2233) and I am 19 years old and I live in the small hick town of Brevard, North Carolina. I am an admin on the PDE servers but i figured i'd try my luck on getting into PDE! I am very firm in my admin duties but I am a very easy person to get along with. (If your not cheating;)) What do you think about PDE?: I think the PDE is a very prestigious gaming clan I would love to be a part of! I love how the admins and members are nice and how if you have a problem in the game they are sure to help as much as they can!
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