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  1. Lu Prime

    yes paul
  2. Lu Prime

    Thankyou all for welcoming me im glad to be here and hope to see you guys on the servers!!!!!
  3. Lu Prime

    Thankyou Paul im glad to be here
  4. Name: zach In-game Name:Lu Prime/Prime Country:Maryland City:Glen Bunrie Age:18 Do You Have Any Other Games? Yes i also play Forza and sometimes NBA 2k but mostly all cods and battlefield. Do you plan on getting or have an interest in Battlefield 1? I actually got Battlefield 1 and do play it a lot i also played Battlefield 4. How long have you been playing in PDE Servers? Just started my boy cope and ajax got me into playing on your servers and i like it a lot. What are you good at? im a comp player and a comp sniper also can drift pretty good. Any game skills? Basically sniping and comp playing Introduce Yourself: Hi my name is zach and i would love to join PDE im a comp player and a comp sniper on Xbox One i heard that those no reload cancel which i only did that if i was trick shotting but im not going to trick shot on pc i also drift alot on forza horizon 3 a lot but im a really blunt person and would love to be friends with mostly everyone here. What do you think about PDE?: i think its a good community so far and would love to help the community grow.
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