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  1. Copenn

    Name: Darren In-game Name:Copeen/LuCopen Country: United States City: Thomasville Age:22 Do You Have Any Other Games?: i have a few other games Do you plan on getting or have an interest in Battlefield 1? im getting it for console first How long have you been playing in PDE Servers?: 7 Days im going to say What are you good at? Any game skills? Competitive,Sniping,Feeding,Callouts, Introduce Yourself: What do you think about PDE?: It sems to be a great team and i can see it going a long way and there is going to be great potential.
  2. Copenn


    that is great news thank you and no we do not realod cancel at all and thank you for the introducing
  3. Copenn


    HI my name is Cope or Copenn but i am Xbox,PS3,PC gamer i stream and i record videos for youtube. I enjoy Gamming for Fun and Competitive i was apart of a comp team for a little bit and i also was part of a sniping team. if anyone wants to play or add me on steam or WAW or anyother call of dutys message me ill give you my online names. I only have WAW for right now but i got other steam games. Thank You
  4. I would like to join PDE and Record some of the game play off the server and stream me and a buddy have played yall server since we got the game and were do a prestige race and see who could hit 10th first

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