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  1. visuallausiv

    I also asked why my upload doesn't match download, they replied with no answer and saying if upload gets increased, I'll be notified. It is FIOS, I seen the FIOS wire.
  2. visuallausiv

    Yea, its 1Gb/s, in my head thinking GB/s, but the service is Download:1Gb/s=1000mbps=125MB/s, Upload is 250mbps. Got FIOS installed an hour ago. PC: Wireless-N smartphone:
  3. visuallausiv

    FIOS I am jumping on the FIOS = FiberOptics bandwagon. DL-1GBs/UP-31.25MBs. The box already exists, $104 a month for the FIOS-interwebz/FIOS-TV. Btw, after I make the down payment, I'll have enough to help and make a donation to PDE. The box Look how tiny the FIOS is! Size of sewing thread.
  4. visuallausiv

    Making payments $650 layaway. Will have it paid off in couple months. 2015 kona, disc brakes, front shock. $80 trade in for my 2002 diamondback aluminum race bike "can be seen in background of photo" n a $70 payment.
  5. visuallausiv

    U can use 50/50 prestone antifreeze mixture from a 50/50 bottle of 25% 50/50 prestone / 75% disrilled water. Lasts from 3-5 years. No. Staging freon or dry ice is best. Water cooling kits are pretty cheap. Google ek 240 kit. I have the ek l240 rev.1. The 240 kit is updated now on ek waterblocks website
  6. visuallausiv

    Changed my yubing Much brighter.
  7. visuallausiv

    My green machine. Received my mayhems x1 uv yellow green concentrate and blue dye making it this green UV. Two drops of blue into the mix and the results are below.
  8. Every Call Of Duty Game, Reviewed https://www.gamespot.com/gallery/every-call-of-duty-game-reviewed/2900-2187/#comments-block-33438474
  9. visuallausiv

    Pretty cool server browser Since gametracker and xfire is no longer in service > HLSW. http://www.hlsw.net/
  10. visuallausiv

    Thats a good chip. I have the notorious 3770k oc'd@4.5ghz on water. If u can't sell here, try craigslist. Someone will grab it in a stiffy.
  11. visuallausiv

    I was not the one who banned you but I seen you reload cancel couple times.
  12. visuallausiv

    You also have one prior ban for what? I don't know.
  13. visuallausiv

    You were using scroll firing on M4. Don't do it again. You should be unbanned in 3 hours of the total 24 hour ban.
  14. visuallausiv

    What, why, how? Happened to GT Lite? I see on their forums they closed the client protocol fucking the end user completely. Lost all favorite servers cuz u need to login to see them. Any alternatives to of the closing of xfire, now gametracker lite? Game browser.
  15. visuallausiv

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