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  1. mrhappyface

    No, PC.
  2. mrhappyface

    Mine is a GT 730 and runs Battlefield 1 like crap, playable but blury af.
  3. mrhappyface

    Being able to run something and being able to run something at enjoyable settings (i.e. not looking like crap and not chugging hard) are two very different things. For instance, I can run most new games but only at very low graphics so that I can actually turn smoothly.
  4. mrhappyface

    For once, I'm actually happy that the gameplay of the game is nothing like the gameplay in the trailer. Not sure if this game would be a suitable replacement for WaW; WaW is far too CQC and intimate to be replaced by a battlefield game IMO.
  5. mrhappyface

    If you can get enough players on board, you could do a quick private match and then come back after you've had your fun/the maps have rotated on the PDE server. I've done this before with some people on the server at peak times for a quick snipers only/knife only.
  6. mrhappyface

    What is with modern war games and having the British army be represented by the SAS? Especially in a massive 64vs64 battle simulator.
  7. mrhappyface

    It could just be the godmode glitch then, it happens every now and then. Let us know if you see him with godmode again: once could be coincidence but twice is intentional.
  8. mrhappyface

    Was he godmoding in several games or just during this game?
  9. mrhappyface

    Most of our admins have been playing for years now and I think we'd be able to tell the difference between Rambo style shotgun wielding and intentional reload canceling. If you have nothing to hide, don't worry about it.
  10. mrhappyface

    If you consistently and deliberately switch weapons, knife, run, etc. to cut short a reload animation; that is a reload cancel.
  11. mrhappyface

    Also rediscovered this gem:
  12. mrhappyface

    Had the tune of this stuck in my head for about a week now but forgot the lyrics:
  13. mrhappyface

  14. mrhappyface

    Late reply but you have my support. Personally, I'm not too bothered by the chit chatting rather than playing; I'm far busier now than when I first joined PDE and I can understand wanting to just come onto the server and have a chat rather than play. Play when you can but I think just coming on, chatting with the players and helping new players out is enough to earn you PDGA tags at least. Good luck.
  15. mrhappyface

    Why Ohms then? Why not any of the other metrics that are to do with electricity? (Although, come to think of it, the signs for voltage and current aren't really that good looking as a tattoo...)

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