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  1. generally speaking there is no difference in the screen between standard LED monitors which are LCD with LED backlighting and LCD monitors, you may be getting confused over the comparatively new OLED tech which has potential for burnin. so chances are you do not actually need a screen saver.
  2. MadDogB

    how heavy is the copy protection? sure my mate has this maybe get you an iso of it?
  3. MadDogB

    ima gonna guess because that error does not sound like a windows error it is the install routine, so first things first, check the WAW dvd on another PC, if ok check to see if your dvd drive is ok, ( maybe copy the contents of a large dvd to the c drive) or you could do both at same time if you have an external usb dvd drive
  4. MadDogB

    yeah it's a gamble of £8 but that is far better gamble than CODww2 which was pre release @ £40 and despite quite a classy campaign mode doesn't seem to be liked much.
  5. my favourite movie scene ever!, first time I saw it was in a pub, it was not the couple of pints I had that made me fall off the stool
  6. you really banned him for this??
  7. MadDogB

    Managed to get a copy of the early access from GMG for only 8ukp still early days but looking quite fun once they get the issues sorted http://forums.battaliongame.com/
  8. dude just a quick read shows a few points there could be better keyboards, mechanical is best but is also the noisiest, for anti ghosting, nkro occurs naturally in ps2 interface but is hard to come by now think only Qpad still do one the bit about mouse mat is rally confusing, it should be non-stick on top but have some method of stickiness on the bass a cheap method is to buy Teflon sheets from ebay and use double sided tape to stick to a heavy base(I use a biscuit baking tray) or even the desk. cat5e cable CAN do 1000mbs it is not limited to 100mbs it does run at 100mhz which is very different. don't advise people to dmz their machines unless they know what they are doing, your gonna get loads kids in trouble when the house internet goes down
  9. MadDogB

    i did watch the demo and found it inconclusive but the comment I made was as read, it had no agenda or judgement. I was simply stating that it was inconsistent with the claim made that the player could "click that fast whilst playing " because watching his mouse movement would suggest he could not, and that was amusing.
  10. MadDogB

    it does amuse me when people produce videos of them clicking rapidly which clearly show how they are unable to control the mouse when doing so and that is when the mouse is supposed to be still, imagine trying to aim as well
  11. MadDogB

    Welcome back to 1999 where no one had thought to invent "lean" keys
  12. MadDogB

    lol maybe that's just as well, bet they look like crap vs the newish ones like old blood and this one.
  13. MadDogB

    Loved wolfenstein since the very first version (showing my age there ) played the new order and the old blood thru but tbh was disappointed with no multiplayer and they were quite short and nothing very interesting or new there so may buy this when very cheap and I am bored.
  14. MadDogB

    there is no doubt this guy was caught using cheats and it also appears that once caught and banned then used methods to circumvent that.
  15. let me get the summary right here.. sooooo you don't know what the issue with the overlay is and you don't know a fix for it? but you can work around it anyways ?
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