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  1. [PDE]NikosGreece

    some greek PUNK-ROCK!
  2. [PDE]NikosGreece

    i really miss the CTF mode..
  3. [PDE]NikosGreece

    good old times fellas..
  4. [PDE]NikosGreece

    i try to connect but without luck..i use cracked game tho ,i ask emba and told me that probably that is the reason i can't
  5. [PDE]NikosGreece

    old time classic
  6. [PDE]NikosGreece

    mosin for me is the best because of the power it have,if it would a bit faster will be perfect!
  7. [PDE]NikosGreece

    for the knowledgeable only!
  8. [PDE]NikosGreece

  9. [PDE]NikosGreece

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn bro! how many memories from that song!! i really hard trying to find it but without luck,thanks for the share!!
  10. [PDE]NikosGreece

  11. [PDE]NikosGreece

  12. [PDE]NikosGreece

    i want to play the Clan Song when i join on the forum! like on our profile when we choose the song we want to play for any visitor
  13. [PDE]NikosGreece

    stop that irony and spam,its against you
  14. [PDE]NikosGreece

    ok mate ,i will unban you because i think you deserve your second chance ,but please ,dont do it again you will not have any other chance in the future . i can see that you are a guy with good communication here and on server as well,so see you on battlefield
  15. [PDE]NikosGreece

    i warn you first time here at that demo ---> https://www103.zippyshare.com/v/kr9SVQMd/file.html then you told me that you will stop do it ,on the next map i take a look on you..guess what .. demo no2 https://www87.zippyshare.com/v/9nOY9Hzq/file.html
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