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  1. [PDE]NikosGreece

  2. [PDE]NikosGreece

    your request is denied , thanks
  3. [PDE]NikosGreece

  4. [PDE]NikosGreece

  5. [PDE]NikosGreece

    Happy new year! Hello guys ,i wish you in all of you happy new year with much health ,less campers with SMG and less STEADY AIM ON TYPE 100!! 🤣 enjoy these days with family-friends and ofc with gaming
  6. [PDE]NikosGreece

    yeah man now we are talking right! 0:59 the song starts
  7. [PDE]NikosGreece

  8. [PDE]NikosGreece

    i like when you said that you don't know the reason..well the reason is that you trash talking too many months now on our server(s) ,after many many warnings-kicks and BANS that we already give you a chance(s) and you still DON'T respect our rules and PDE server and Members-Admins-Players !! everytime you spamming no sence , you complain about the way WE work like PDE..want more?? no man..i dont give you another chance..at least me who perma banned you..have fun on some other servers
  9. [PDE]NikosGreece

    dude is more possible whole earth will dissappear than i remove the ban from you, for sure you not gonna miss you
  10. [PDE]NikosGreece

  11. [PDE]NikosGreece

  12. [PDE]NikosGreece

    lets rock n roll guys..
  13. [PDE]NikosGreece

  14. [PDE]NikosGreece

    thats the point! they was good if you compare with other "medium" players (around 5-6 good players on enemy team), nanook was already there and i swap team in second minute because was unbalanced, so we carry them on the victory
  15. [PDE]NikosGreece

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