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  1. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    I agree to 100%!!! sometimes it's really annoying if some people ( i will them not name it... hehehe ) sit only in their nest without moving... because of the large amount of ammo. and we have also a headglitch specialist which promised in the past to reduce this hardcore camping. So from me a clear yes to ban this weapon...
  2. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    I will also donate again next month... I hope more player will do the same.
  3. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    I donated right now... I will continue soon if the servers still alive. But we could also add a message in console that we need urgent donations for the servers? So we would also reach the others players not only the members? This might be helpful. I first see the message here yesterday i logged on after few days and i was a little bit surprised... BR -Nail-
  4. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    and a good song of their old stuff RIP Layne Staley 😥
  5. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    Ok... here is a song, which smashed me from the first time i heard it. I like this band really much and hear their music since I'm 16 years old. ( a long time now.. hehehe ) But this one... amazing, one of their best songs ever in my eyes >> turn on your speakers on max... I heard this one yesterday for the first time, after i received their new album from 2018. These guys are old but still phenomenal 🙂 I love them [video_]
  6. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    yeah... this one of the points i want telling you You need only for single player or Coop Modus ( Zombies ) the disk! But there is a way too to avoid disk using. If you are interested and playing single modus or coop pm me. grettings
  7. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    Nick... you have discord?? grettings Nail ( maybe i can help you )
  8. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    Hello and Happy Birthday from me too... wish you all the best!
  9. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    but maybe a GTX 970 would be better solution for you as a GTX 1050? It should be faster and nearly for the same price on ebay and co.... If i'm not wrong, only more power is needed for a GTX970 which wattage have your power supply?
  10. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    If some of my friends have an old gpu which is not needed i will say something to you. see ya
  11. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    i have only an old Gigabyte GTX 560... but i think it's not really an upgrade.
  12. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    Happy birthday also from me... wish you the best mate!!! Lass krachen Kumpel!
  13. [PDG] -NailBomb-

  14. [PDG] -NailBomb-

  15. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    [video_] [/video] to this music i was riding on my skateboard in the past... i have tears in my eyes if i remember me at this good times and the many people i meet through skateboarding starts from 1:30
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