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[PDG] -NailBomb-

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  1. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    Hello and Happy Birthday from me too... wish you all the best!
  2. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    but maybe a GTX 970 would be better solution for you as a GTX 1050? It should be faster and nearly for the same price on ebay and co.... If i'm not wrong, only more power is needed for a GTX970 which wattage have your power supply?
  3. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    If some of my friends have an old gpu which is not needed i will say something to you. see ya
  4. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    i have only an old Gigabyte GTX 560... but i think it's not really an upgrade.
  5. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    Happy birthday also from me... wish you the best mate!!! Lass krachen Kumpel!
  6. [PDG] -NailBomb-

  7. [PDG] -NailBomb-

  8. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    [video_] [/video] to this music i was riding on my skateboard in the past... i have tears in my eyes if i remember me at this good times and the many people i meet through skateboarding starts from 1:30
  9. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    I think you're a very good player... and I'm sure it's not required for you to sit in the same place over and over again. and make kills with headglitches like embahh said. Also you're pocket lighter thing in the Castle map... maaaan. Why you don't move not to different positions from time to time? Play sometimes different weapons in specified maps? I bet I'm able to list here all maps together with your places where you play / sit! That's really annoying sometimes... if you run in dome for example and even if you run in direction higher floor... curtain fire from ipix I'm sure you are able to play really good matches without doing such a hardcore camping glitching shit 😉 I know that is not the reason for your current ban and camping is not forbidden ( In some maps I do this sometimes too, also with betties in combination with scoped springfield...you know this hehehe ), but i would like to see Ipix in more different situations, maybe with different weapons.... and not the whole time in tank or behind crates, windows and Stair corners... so the fun level would be increase also for the other players. To your team swap i can't say anything... sometimes i realize that you do this, but i don't know the reason why... if you really swap because your team will loose or because you go for a drink or something? Who knows... I hope you can change anything and we could have fun in the next matches. 🙂 Maybe you would not have all the time the best K/D but come on... ist this really so important? greetings from -Nail-
  10. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    awesome smech :) happy new year for you!!! grettings -Nail-
  11. mooooaaaahhh.... need 2 days for this lap and getting gold... really hard i love this game meanwhile! [video_]
  12. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    maybe he mean Sorrym8 ( screenshot from gametracker )
  13. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    WTF... welcome Viper!!! So you can change the Thomson in some Maps to an other Weapon! ( Sometimes you make me crazy with this thing... ) Good to have you in team!!!
  14. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    jep.... from me too. congratulation Nick and Welcome!
  15. [PDG] -NailBomb-

    very interesting post... thank you both. I have talked yesterday with a friend during our training session. He mean that i should directly buy BF5 instead of playing Bf1 which i already have. In his opinion BF5 is much easier to play than BF1 and from the gameplay more like COD ? So i buy BF5 also in the next days... maybe at the weekend. Could somebody say how many capacity the game need if the installing is from Origin? greetings Nail