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  1. Well done Mister Kersey!!!!
  2. [PDE] Clyde Barrow

    Hi. I think it is worth trying Em's idea.It is definitely more fun when the teams are balanced. Plus if there are unintended consequences or if people do not like it it would be able to easily be changed back. Just remember that I am an old man (yes older than you all) and I think other members might be more knowledgeable on this subject than me.
  3. [PDE] Clyde Barrow

    I keep pushing the new servers but they are sticking to old # 2 for now
  4. [PDE] Clyde Barrow

    HI I do not think I have admin rights on the new servers 1 and 2 .There were 4 on server 2 already)))))
  5. [PDE] Clyde Barrow

    So you were told that you were breaking the rules ,and for some reason decided to ignore the chat after that.You were told you were breaking a rule and decided to ignore that and continue to break the rule.You say some rules you know and some rules you do not.Your argument is not credible ...The ban is permanent.
  6. [PDE] Clyde Barrow

    I was the one who banned you. You have been on server two ,327 times plus were told at least twice while you were using the macro that it was against the rules. When you were told by other players it was against the rules you replied ,"It is?" (I believe you meant it sarcastically and did not think an admin was watching you)and then continued to use your macro anyway.How is it possible after playing on the server all this time and then being told that what you were doing was against the rules multiple times while you were using the macro, that you did not still know what you continued to do was against the rules?It seems difficult for me to believe you did not know what you were doing was against the rules.
  7. [PDE] Clyde Barrow

    You were banned temporarily, one day ,for advertising your site,not allowed.
  8. [PDE] Clyde Barrow

    Sorry, server rules are not going to be changed for you, Also as for your premise about "me,friends,and family",it is obvious using it at the end of the map in a "one word "exclamation ,that "me, friends and family" was not your intended audience .Now you tell me it is your second offense. You do not respect the server rules as shown by purposefully circumventing them and being caught breaking them twice .You show no remorse for breaking our rules, on purpose, and instead insinuate they "must be changed".Admins and Moderators are on the servers basically for two reasons,one is to play the game and have fun.The other is to give a safe comfortable place for players to come and have fun.Keeping the servers a fun safe comfortable place for others makes being an admin worthwhile .It is not enjoyable to have to be on the constant watch for people who try to think up ways to beat the console and or break the rules "for a good laugh",because it does not end with the Admin or Moderator banning someone. Then the Admin or Mod has to watch the forums for a ban appeal,and if one appears ,they must often spend a good portion of the rest of their free time before they go to bed giving reasons and or evidence for the ban as I have tonight with you.I see no reason to change the ban.
  9. [PDE] Clyde Barrow

    I was the one that banned you.You knew racist language on the server was not allowed because you tried to beat the console by entering the word over 2 entries.Please explain to me why you think purposefully breaking server rules by trying to circumvent the console ,and racist language is such a good laugh.Also ,saying" I'm black so I say it everywhere",is both unproveable and often tried, and pretty iffy considering that you split the word,(not exactly reflexive).Plus you used only the word by itself ,obviously to try and get a reaction,not exactly helping your case.
  10. [PDE] Clyde Barrow

    The problem is ,you were warned over a significant length of time about reload canceling and chose to ignore those warnings,
  11. [PDE] Clyde Barrow

    I want to thank you jhon for your understanding,please enjoy the servers.It is nice to speak with nice people like you ,now go shoot up the servers....well maybe go easy on an old man like me.HAVE FUN
  12. [PDE] Clyde Barrow

    jhon,sorry for the misunderstanding,the ban will be lifted
  13. [PDE] Clyde Barrow

    Hi jhon,the demo is being checked by another admin ,ty for your patience and politeness.
  14. Hi Zuko ,u are not bothering me.Im here actually to find the pathway to find the demo on my comp)))


    1. [PDE]ZukoFire


      Ah that i know how. This Pc>C Drive>Users>Your Pc Name>Appdata>Local>Activision>Codwaw>Players>Demos

      If you dont find it you need to type in search file option show hidden files

  15. [PDE] Clyde Barrow

    I was the one who banned him.I banned him because his name is for the gas that was used in the death camps in WW 2,particulularily but not only against the Jewish people.The name is obviously one that would not be picked by accident as it is not that well known.I warned him about the name ,he decided to argue about it ,therefore the ban.Anyone who knew the name of this gas I think would know of its past..
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