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  1. [PDE]-Jano-

    I think the scope was disabled like this before. I am for disabling it again.
  2. [PDE]-Jano-

    you can stop reloading to change weapon, start running, knive someone or to avoid being killed and so on. just dont do it only to kill faster all the time. by double tapping the weapon change key. If you have problem because of a habit. like most guys claim. change the key binding. I use mouse scroll to change weapon. Try to reload cancel with that
  3. [PDE]-Jano-

    And to Zuko. I see those matches are mostly unbalanced because of you! the Autobalance mod would have to switch you from one team to another every 30 seconds. But then it will be a TDM of you against you. Or maybe it should ban you.
  4. [PDE]-Jano-

    Even with a good mod like that it wont work. Imagine that in the begining of round 30 people join. it will autobalance depending on their ranking. Nice. Then some people leave and some new come. What will the autobalance do? Throw you to the loosing team because You are the best? And doing this all the time for everyone? Or it would not change those who already are in? After 5 minutes of gameplay it would be unbalanced anyway. Probably Embahs idea is the best if the situation is so bad. I am not on the servers often lately. So I am for trying this solution for some time and see peoples reactions and if it actually helps or not. ps: Also. its fun sometimes be on loosing or winning team. Not only on draws all the time. pps: Is there not an option to autokick someone who changes team on his own more than for example 10 times in one hour? or 3 times in a match?
  5. [PDE]-Jano-

    I can see a good intention in this. And it will surely help in the way you said. But it also destroys the experience for people who like to play together. For example if I like to play with Koko or Emi or Nikos and we talk on twitch. Acting like a team its so much more fun. Of course we like to sometimes play against each other. But having no control about this because of some annoying people is not right in my opinion. Maybe rather make it some kind of rule. And I am aware that is not easy. Hm I am not woting yet on this. Have to think more about it.
  6. [PDE]-Jano-

    I just realized that I missed the ww2 feeling in BF1. And I didnt know it so important to me. I like BFV from the vid. One think I didnt like in BF1 is those icons above everyones head. After you spot someone (or they spot you). Somebody shoots at you. You hide, only your eye is out trying to find the shooter/camper, and you see nothing of him, but he can see your shit icon over your head like a beacon. Why? That is breaking realism for me extremly.
  7. [PDE]-Jano-

    I like NailBomb. Even though I am still not sure if its Iron Nails od Finger Nails, his name is referring to. Its a yes from me.
  8. [PDE]-Jano-

    SK-Jano- I got revolution version I think
  9. [PDE]-Jano-

    I am sorry i wasnt here earlier. But looks like another yes would not made any difference anyway! So welcome to the family!
  10. [PDE]-Jano-

    maybe you can try and add the S1 manually? this should be the adress Address: Port: 28961
  11. [PDE]-Jano-

    Nice to meet you! I am on the server 1 mostly so I dont reccognise you, but welcome here and on the servers! Even though 5 years is more then I play it.
  12. [PDE]-Jano-

    I would say that maybe the rule should be more specific. Like using macro or clicking like a macro is not allowed. Because whoevers fault it is. if its hard to tell, it does not matter if he really clicks or not. That said. I suggest to give him another chance but not legalize it for him. Ban later if seen doing it again. You can chose if you like to play without it or at all.
  13. [PDE]-Jano-

    My mother has a better rig!
  14. [PDE]-Jano-

    I donated something. Hope it help a bit. If everyone playing on the servers would give just 1usd/month we would be ok I think.
  15. [PDE]-Jano-

    Ah what a relief. I am not dumb after all! Its just not implemented yet!
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