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  1. [ICE]FrostMourn

    They are really trying to innovate, but I have a hard time seeing this catch on. One thing I am concerned with the screen fold, I know how hot phone screens can get, Id imagine the repeated heating/cooling + bending would eventually cause micro cracks to build up there.
  2. [ICE]FrostMourn

    In my opinion he should get a second chance. We have rules on the server and those that refuse to play by them are banned, but If they can be made to follow the rules by giving a warning, I don't think a ban is then necessary. Only after they ignore the warnings. Besides, he is still able to play on the US server and hasnt been doing it there since the ban. Also the the relode cancle is an exploit, there already is a designated perk for quicker reloading. And twitch.tv, you already got your 2nd chance, so don't insult the clan on their own fourm because you wasted it.
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