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  1. [PDE]Vandal215

    I didnt like this trailer. I didnt have a sense of ww. That was a fucking action film like CoD games. And these brave americans... You know that it will not be USSR from the first days of game? They will add my country later! Wtf is this war without USSR?! And this trailer...these brave americans...and this robot-girl. How the fuck could she have such hand in 1941? This is bullshit, guys.
  2. [PDE]Vandal215

    Bf1 ofc,my origin Vandal2151,come and fight with me =)
  3. [PDE]Vandal215

    very well=)
  4. [PDE]Vandal215

    Happy Birthday my dear!I wish you have wonderful life full of adventures and fun=)
  5. [PDE]Vandal215

    Happy Birthday man! I am waiting for you in bf1!
  6. [PDE]Vandal215

    i like argonne forest.Train does not make this map unbalanced
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