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  1. [PDE]_MeanMachine

    Congratulations Nikos!
  2. [PDE]_MeanMachine

    NikosGreece I know you two years approximately, what to say good player and a very friendly, I honestly wondered why this app. was not before, but better than ever. Of course, from me, YES !
  3. [PDE]_MeanMachine

    I had the same problem. Delete the game and install again during installation type your cd key completed until the end install all pach, then you should make the game recognize the old profile. I had the same problem.
  4. [PDE]_MeanMachine

    Done the whole problem was about one missing a file that is when you start RUN you type regedit go to hot key local machine, and then softer then folder Wow6432Node . I do not know as there manually add only way is to delete the entire game and installed again with the you key should recognize you old profile if not then replace the local profile. Damm you activision!
  5. [PDE]_MeanMachine

    Cd version that is the problem steam better save game.
  6. [PDE]_MeanMachine

    I started a new system now have the same problem, I returned all the new files as it was before, but it shows me still offline profile in active notpad me standing $$$ deleted write my nickname in the game appears nick but still tells me I'm offline and to create new what to do now?
  7. [PDE]_MeanMachine

    You're wrong you're constantly violated the rules 3 and 9 I warned you twice, and once you got then kick you again broke the rules ignoring the warnings until you banned by Kokomaaab Rule #3: No Scroll/Script (this includes macros)/Bind Shooting or Alternating Key Shooting of any kind Rule #9: No Reload Cancels/Glitch Shooting
  8. [PDE]_MeanMachine

  9. [PDE]_MeanMachine

    Of course YES !!!
  10. If the stand behind you give them protection if the stand beside you give him respect if they stand against you show no mercy!!!

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