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  1. [PDE]FlashDeath

    Caongratulation Nick! And good luck on battlefields!
  2. [PDE]FlashDeath

    Hello Nick. If I can say something: I am on Yes! I know U long time and U are always Ok on server. Good luck !
  3. [PDE]FlashDeath

    OO, Great job Son! Very good photos!
  4. [PDE]FlashDeath

    Hello/Moi Viper! U are cool man and very good player. Im OFC on Yes! Good luck! BTW: Nikos, Old bones are kick your yound ass! hehehhe.
  5. [PDE]FlashDeath

    It is really hard to fill empty server in a few days. All players wanna go to US becouse of many people. Im sad, my lovelly server is empty now, hlip,hlip. But we didnt last words yet! Lets go EU players!!!
  6. [PDE]FlashDeath

    Hello Paul. My permissions don't work on server 1. Console is ok but i haven't any permissions. I dont know how it works with another ppl. We need to give a sign to much more players about a new IP of a new server1. Many ppl dont know about it!
  7. [PDE]FlashDeath

    The same! Neverending love!
  8. [PDE]FlashDeath

    Congratulations! DG, now you are parto of Big Crazy Family! Welcome!
  9. [PDE]FlashDeath

    OMG! Crazy Delta is here and wants to be much more crazy like Gogo, Nail and me,heheh. Delta is good player and a little bit crazy. Yes of course! I want to give U my support!
  10. [PDE]FlashDeath

    Im on YES. Ipix is on our server too long to beg us. If He is clear(without wallhack), we should give him a chance! I hate your spots Ipix and your strategy but You are always effective!
  11. Hey Flash! It Gogo! Hehehe.

    1. [PDE]FlashDeath


      OMG. Gogo is here! We have to celebrate this miracle! We have never met, but I feel i can understand You without any words! Im happy when I see You on server. Keep it up!


  12. Hello. It Gogo. Good luck wiff your application NailBomb. Gogo hate you....hehehehehehe.

    1. [PDE]FlashDeath


      It is normal reaction for Nail, heheheheh.Best regards Sir!


  13. [PDE]FlashDeath

    Juuuupiii! Congratulation Nail!!! Good luck as always! This is good day my friend!
  14. [PDE]FlashDeath

    Hello Nail maddafax! Im your friend and I like you and like to play with You but you are sometimes traitor,hehe. Both hands on yes! Nail has got good behaviour and he is very funny. Good luck bro!
  15. [PDE]FlashDeath

    Congratulations [PDE] NikosGr !!! Nice to see U in our team.

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