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  1. Alles gute wünsch ich dir Happy Birthday !
  2. hansipuf

    Happy Birthday Sir.OM3GA !
  3. Germany, Berlin Schöneberg!
  4. hansipuf

    Happy birthday Emi ! Coffee for you
  5. hansipuf

    your unban is not in my hand,the members and admins decide. i have just informed you of my decision as a donor and friend of pde. Good luck!
  6. hansipuf

    i have nothing to report here,i am only donator but becouse i give a fuck on what you say nerd, once unfaire player,always unfair player thats my decision nerd!
  7. hansipuf

  8. hansipuf

  9. hansipuf

  10. hansipuf

    give me that !!
  11. hansipuf

    i hope the server runs forever! a trifle can sometimes be very much hansi
  12. hansipuf

    i like the pde server ,and the members so i have spend a bit money so that the server stays alive. hansipuf
  13. hansipuf

    Okay Scrinn,Thank you
  14. hansipuf

    i want to join PDE/PDGA- good time for give me a chance to join, i have been playing with all for a long time and would like to join PDE. Please write me back here,your comments are important to me. Thank you hansi

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