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  1. [PDE]Damir-W

    Congratulations! 😀
  2. [PDE]Damir-W

    Congratulation and Welcome!
  3. [PDE]Damir-W

    Wow... So wide and useful.😀
  4. [PDE]Damir-W

    I am back! allegedly my disk was dirty. I wiped it a little better and as new. I'm very angry, I thought my pc is damaged or cd reader.
  5. damir!?!??! WHERE ARE U MATE?? all good? :)

    1. [PDE]Damir-W


      Hey Nikos!!!

      yes, all fine! I am here but...

      I will to play but... I can´t☹️

      How are you!?

    2. [PDE]NikosGreece


      damn..u still dont solve that problem? :(

      i am fine,i am admin now (i was moderator) and i play all day with guys in almost full server :) thats why i told you to join to enjoy it :D

    3. emse2


      why use cd to install? after years mine are so broken. i did use a crackversion, but then activate with my key.but maybe there is another prob, just2cents!hope to see u back soon! cheers

  6. [PDE]Damir-W

    So sad... I have tried everything... and nothing! I'll try again in the next few days, but ... I'm not sure, i think that is all from me! Thank you guys!
  7. [PDE]Damir-W

    First, thank you! Unfortunately nothing. I have to continue to googl it
  8. [PDE]Damir-W

    Hi guys, after Window 10 update whole PC is in mess. Now PC working, but I can´t install my Cod Waw from CD. I become constantly ERROR 1603! I´v tried everything... Sound thing to fix it, resolution to adjust... but nothing. Help!?
  9. [PDE]Damir-W

    +1 Here too!
  10. [PDE]Damir-W

    Tru! Welcome man Congrats
  11. [PDE]Damir-W

  12. [PDE]Damir-W

  13. [PDE]Damir-W

    Finally!!! First, Welcome I know you very good, we are an old Friends! So, don't want to talk any more... YES
  14. [PDE]Damir-W

    Hello there, welcome
  15. [PDE]Damir-W

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