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  1. [PDE]Embahh

    You should be able to play again normally the next time you try to connect, but to avoid from running into this problem in the future I would highly recommend to get a legit / non shared CD key
  2. [PDE]Embahh

    bump, decent one with the k98
  3. [PDE]Embahh

    Man...you seriously thought it was ok to use an aimbot when there was only few people playing this morning? And your reasoning was something like "it's an old game who cares" in the chat. , well apparently you do care now after you got banned for it.
  4. [PDE]Embahh

    Man, you haven't seen Kruger_LT playing yet?
  5. [PDE]Embahh

    its an automatic ban, so you probably know what you typed before it happened
  6. [PDE]Embahh

    yeah I do and I use it sometimes, maybe I should keep it on just in case some nice or extremely rare things like this happens
  7. [PDE]Embahh

    If I was one of those guys who plays for the "clips" I would be on suicide watch right now, 4x headshot multikill and obviously not recording
  8. [PDE]Embahh

    Thompson, no steady aim or explosives x2
  9. [PDE]Embahh

    Obvious sarcasm lol
  10. [PDE]Embahh

    it was a short autoban for spam, you should be able to play again
  11. [PDE]Embahh

  12. [PDE]Embahh

    Nice, and btw in case you missed it, we have a thread specifically for screenshots like this here:
  13. [PDE]Embahh

    Yep it was still quite easy to win as marines if you had players who had some idea what they were doing, but one problem was that most of the regular players just chose imperial army every single time because they knew it was an easy win...kinda lame imo
  14. [PDE]Embahh

    Kar m1a1 carbine
  15. [PDE]Embahh

    Didn't see one of these threads so I decided to make one, you can use this topic to share your in game screenshots of high scores or whatever else, doesn't have to be limited to COD. Videos/clips are also welcome. Starting off with one of the best teams I have ever witnessed, only 2 players with a positive kdr:
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