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  1. [PDE]Embahh

    UPDATE: The poison gas effect haven't been removed completely, but there have been slight changes made to lower it's radius and duration. please give us feedback on what you think! edit: server #2 is still unaffected by this change, for those who are wondering. If you want to test it go to #1 for now
  2. [PDE]Embahh

    We will never unban players that have used an aimbot ...you should have used some common sense before you brought that sht into our server.
  3. [PDE]Embahh

    Sorry for the delay earlier, we had some problems but he is banned now
  4. [PDE]Embahh

    I would have a GTX 780 on my old pc that is just collecting dust now, but honestly I'm not sure yet if I will sell as an individual parts or what to do with it yet
  5. [PDE]Embahh

    Are you sure that you checked the name of your GPU correctly? 2010 gfx doesn't sound right, unless you meant some GTX model that is made/purchased in 2010
  6. [PDE]Embahh

    Support! High portion of the time you get tabun gassed, it's because of a clueless teammates throwing it wherever without using their brains first. It's not that bad for smaller ~6vs6 matches, but with a 40 player server the constant annoying stun effect can totally ruin your gameplay experience, especially on smaller maps. In my opinion it's a way bigger problem/inconvenience than martyrdom/rifle grenades etc. It offers nothing positive to the game, it's just a pure annoyance and also often used for intentional griefing. Even if you only intent to stun enemy players with it, it will still effect your teammates way too often. If there is a way to change the effect radius value to zero or some similar solution where nobody would need to be kicked/banned, then we should totally consider this.
  7. [PDE]Embahh

    A little bit late, but happy birthday m8!
  8. [PDE]Embahh

    this guy has already received multiple bans on pde #1 for the same reason, banned and thanks for reporting
  9. [PDE]Embahh

    I removed the ban already couple hours ago, but somehow it didn't work...please try again now
  10. [PDE]Embahh

    Hi! We can't really ask you to stop camping since it's not against the rules, even thought it would probably make a lot of our players happy, lol. Also most players don't have a problem with camping alone, but it's the excessive use of headglitch spots (other's can barely see your head, but you can shoot them with your weapon perfectly fine) and when you combine this with a flakjacket perk you are almost immortal to all damage / explosives including artillery and can sit in the same spot forever. You will be unbanned, but I would suggest you to calm down with the messages such as "campers lose" etc. I know you're just joking / being sarcastic but a lot of players find these messages really annoying. And be it on purpose or not, try not to "ragequit" from the losing team just to swap to the winning side 1 minute later.
  11. [PDE]Embahh

    If you're only looking to move your profile (to save rank/weapon attachments etc.) to the new pc, search like zuko said C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Activision\CODWaW and once there, make a copy of the "players" folder. You can just simply save it to an USB memory stick, and once you have installed cod waw to your new pc, search for the same "players" folder like earlier, delete it and replace it with the copy you made. You will keep all of your kills / rank etc. this way. Also some players have had hard time finding the path for the activision folder since it might vary slightly depending on the version of windows etc. if you can't find it you can just simply open your files, click windows (C:) and there type "activision" in the search bar on top right and you should find it.
  12. [PDE]Embahh

    Hi, nobody have used the name "xAsylm" on our server. Are you sure that you tried to connect to the right server after name change?
  13. [PDE]Embahh

    The ban wasn't about camping or needing to leave the game for a while in order to do something else etc., it was for constant intentional team stacking / unbalancing and being annoying in general. All he does everyday is spam annoying messages such as "tic tic campers" etc, while he is personally the one sitting in a headglitch spot while using flakjacket and being almost immoral to all damage , he won't never ever leave his team mid game if he is performing well, but as soon as the game doesn't go as he planned or there are some members online who actually try to stop him from camping, he will ditch his team instantly almost every time. This isn't some occasional thing, this have been going on for years and he have been warned about it. I don't want to see players like him to ruin the gameplay for others in daily basis, and believe me, I'm definitely not the only one who feels this way. thanks
  14. [PDE]Embahh

    The usual, It's dome, and you were in the team that was losing heavily, and you went to a negative kill/death ratio and then changed to spectator, and surprise surprise, after one minute or so you're back in the game in the winning team like always, causing the match to be even more unbalanced than it already was and ruining the gameplay for other players. This is not some one time thing either, you have been doing this constantly during the past years. Do you happen to have a phone call or some other excuse to "tactically" swap teams every time when you're in the losing side and not doing well in-game? Because during the multiple hundreds of hours I have played with you, you never do this when you're doing well, but almost every single time you happen to go to a negative kdr you go to the spectator mode or leave the game, and after a while you're magically back in the winning team. Never ever the other way around. I have told you multiple times that if you keep doing it you will end up getting banned, and some other admins have already banned you before for doing this. It's because of players like you who make this great game a way worse experience than it could be.
  15. [PDE]Embahh

    You received ~14 temporarily bans before being banned permanently and all of them were from the exact same reason. I actually even lifted a permanent ban once after you promised us that you wouldn't be using the chat anymore and you already had the ban for two months, but surprise surprise, as soon as you get back to the server you start with the nonsense spam and insults again. you had more than enough chances man, the ban will stay.