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  1. [PDE]Embahh

  2. [PDE]Embahh

    I have already explained it to you why this happens sometimes, you can play again now but if you need further help or didn't understand why this happens please send me a private message instead.
  3. [PDE]Embahh

    Some decent scores with k98 / ptrs
  4. [PDE]Embahh

  5. [PDE]Embahh

    Server #2 changed ip addresses a few days ago, you might be trying to connect to the old ip, new: /connect Otherwise I can't really help you, the servers are working fine for others
  6. [PDE]Embahh

    Thanks for the support!
  7. [PDE]Embahh

    You should be able to play again, but if you want to avoid being banned with others, get an unique key.
  8. [PDE]Embahh

    Unbanned! Sorry for the inconvenience
  9. [PDE]Embahh

    happy New Year everyone!
  10. [PDE]Embahh

    banned now since he didn't care about warnings
  11. [PDE]Embahh

    here's the GameTracker page for the new s2 ip with all previous stats/scores moved over https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  12. [PDE]Embahh

    He does have recoil
  13. [PDE]Embahh

    who asked you to record your clicking?
  14. [PDE]Embahh

    You can play again now.
  15. [PDE]Embahh

    OK, this ban by nikos wasn't just for something you "said in chat yesterday", you have been constantly falsely accusing other players, our admins and regulars of cheating among other nonsense for months, you have even made like 20 different accounts to do so, you seem to have this mindset that every half decent player must be cheating somehow. I have already lifted one permanent ban for you and gave you a second chance, but you just kept doing the same bs under different aliases on daily basis. I have told you countless of times that if you think some1 is cheating, RECORD A DEMO/OTHER PROOF and make a ban request, and don't judge everyone in the chat based on one killcam or one suspicious looking kill. I won't be lifting the ban for you this time.
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