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  1. [PDE]Embahh

    That name shouldn't be a problem
  2. [PDE]Embahh

    Hi man, seen you in game many times, but welcome to the forums too!
  3. [PDE]Embahh

    Thanks for helping, you should have the VIP/regular rank in-game now
  4. [PDE]Embahh

    Thanks for helping, I gave you the VIP/Regular rank on both servers
  5. [PDE]Embahh

    banned him earlier over on s1, done on s2 too now
  6. [PDE]Embahh

    This guy is accusing pretty much any half decent player including our admins and regulars on daily basis and got banned for it too once already, apparently profas and ohsnap are using an "auto knife cheat" and the list goes on and on, sadly you probably won't see any real cheaters if he ends up posting 55 demos
  7. [PDE]Embahh

    You should be able to play again normally the next time you try to connect, but to avoid from running into this problem in the future I would highly recommend to get a legit / non shared CD key
  8. [PDE]Embahh

    bump, decent one with the k98
  9. [PDE]Embahh

    Man...you seriously thought it was ok to use an aimbot when there was only few people playing this morning? And your reasoning was something like "it's an old game who cares" in the chat. , well apparently you do care now after you got banned for it.
  10. [PDE]Embahh

    Man, you haven't seen Kruger_LT playing yet?
  11. [PDE]Embahh

    its an automatic ban, so you probably know what you typed before it happened
  12. [PDE]Embahh

    yeah I do and I use it sometimes, maybe I should keep it on just in case some nice or extremely rare things like this happens
  13. [PDE]Embahh

    If I was one of those guys who plays for the "clips" I would be on suicide watch right now, 4x headshot multikill and obviously not recording
  14. [PDE]Embahh

    Thompson, no steady aim or explosives x2
  15. [PDE]Embahh

    Obvious sarcasm lol
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