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  1. PJ1972

    You knew say N igg* without the space wouldnt get you autobanned. Like quite a few tho you seem to enjoy pushing server rules and admins to the edge. Well this is where it got you. The rules are in place for good reason, 99% of people on server just want to play. There is never any need for Racial Slurs, im part Jewish dosent meen I can make jokes about Nazis gassing Jews or The Holocaust and not expect people not to be offended.
  2. PJ1972

    maybe name?
  3. PJ1972

    Hi Max, good to see you here, yes iv deffo seen you in game, I normally play as A-PARODY in game. See you on server 1 my friend.
  4. I get a steady 30 on EU one, But I find anything under 120 normally playable.
  5. Good work on server Paul and all. I get a steady 90 Ping playing from UK 😀
  6. Good Job brother, thank you for the hard work you put in.
  7. PJ1972

    true.north your in game name fella? Iv got quite a few names I play under, A-PARODY my normal one, shout me up if you see me online brother. I work as an IT specialist in the Marine Engineering field (Off shore) Windfarms and the like. (even tho I have a Uni Degree in Classic Archaeology) Born in Malta (Long Story) My Dad was serving as Officer in Royal Navy at time, but lived most of my life in UK. Iv a few Tattoos (6) and 3 dogs a Basenji, and 2 Manchester Terriers. See you in game, regards Paul Jean
  8. PJ1972

    Young Pup lol
  9. PJ1972

    Im Nearly 47 and play COD WAW and War Thunder every day 😂 go for it, do what makes you happy (as long as it Legal lol)
  10. PJ1972

    It was banned weapon in the past wasnt it?
  11. PJ1972

    The game has to be installed to play, so it can be run without disc, i assume you are running the latest version of WAW, search for Call of duty WAW No dvd/ fixed Exe. Thats what I use (have done for years) to play without disc on a non steam version of the game, if you have trouble finding it, pm m8, and let me know what Language version you have. Regards PJ
  12. PJ1972

    In case of cheaters (ex) as you say, No meens No, you have already violated the core rule of the server, Id walk away go play other games you cheat on. Once you have cheated, can never be trusted. It was your choice to cheat, we would be letting down our legit players by letting you near PDE servers again. PDE has a reputation to uphold, zero tolerance on hackers.
  13. PJ1972

    Play it loud, play it Proud!
  14. PJ1972

    I can open demo and save it as an mp4, then upload to YT, will do tomo as just off to bed, hope this helps
  15. PJ1972

    This morning on server 2, you got an auto warning for it too, and all chat is recorded in logs.
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