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  1. PJ1972

    In case of cheaters (ex) as you say, No meens No, you have already violated the core rule of the server, Id walk away go play other games you cheat on. Once you have cheated, can never be trusted. It was your choice to cheat, we would be letting down our legit players by letting you near PDE servers again. PDE has a reputation to uphold, zero tolerance on hackers.
  2. PJ1972

    Play it loud, play it Proud!
  3. PJ1972

    I can open demo and save it as an mp4, then upload to YT, will do tomo as just off to bed, hope this helps
  4. PJ1972

    This morning on server 2, you got an auto warning for it too, and all chat is recorded in logs.
  5. PJ1972

    Ahh right your the one who just said to someone ingame "Piss off Cunt your just as bad" Classy
  6. PJ1972

    Yes it was server 2, ban was for 2 weeks for racism . two mins after somebody was autobanned for saying n****r you decided to do it typing one or two letters at a time, so it still appeared on screen, chat logs can be checked if needed. There was also 1 previous ban flagged up I dont know what this was for.
  7. PJ1972

    I take it as a challenge if somebody camping hard, PTRS and Deep impact normally does the job from a distance, or your standard grenade round a corner. I know Voice-Medic gets dug in like an Alabama Tick (Jesse Ventura - Predator 1987) like I mentioned earlier he is a donator to support the server, I make it a game with him, get him at any cost (never one to care about my k/d) and have a laugh with him, declaring in Global chat "Camper down!!!" when i get him, makes him laugh too. I sometimes join when map is dome is on, get nade spammed to death, if im not in mood for it, i leave, go on PDE2, UCS ect, moaning in game wont solve anything, and slagging off or berating people in chat wont help your cause. PS. PK Black Ooops 8 any good? lol
  8. PJ1972

    and theres me just been out in my yard (small holding - English term) shooting a few pesky rats with my .22 with my canine companions, feeling a lot less hardcore now lol.
  9. PJ1972

    His right to play how he wishes, and a donator who helps pay to keep server running, as far as im aware!
  10. PJ1972

    What you like Paul, thats the sort of thing id type lol 😜 Abby: PDE server 1 EU hosted PDE server 2 US hosted Depending on where you based, im based in UK but still get a very playable ping on US server if the EU one quiet, one of the servers will have players on 99% of the time.
  11. PJ1972

    Obvio yes and it was insulting in some way, he knows what PK asked him,
  12. PJ1972

    Good job, yup he will be permbanned
  13. PJ1972

    may be due to your language , personally saw you type: Cunt, f camper, this shit is Gay! did tell you to calm down
  14. PJ1972

    I keep iso's on my SSD external NAS, and yes i know thats a bit OCD lol
  15. Erm just guessing this will be a No Lol