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  1. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    LoL Zuko, considering u sit on the floorit looks like you stole this setup hahah, Just kidding Good job, im impressed
  2. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Damn! I would love to taste these dishes Zuko! Well right now i can share only polish food because i live in Poland for the last 6 months. Will post some of my favourite greek dishes later.
  3. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    I'm impressed. Nice work guys.
  4. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Hello, I would suggest letting your trusted friends or family members about the thoughts you've had. I can assure you that me and the admins will do our best to find out what happened. Please allow us some time to investigate the chat logs etc.
  5. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Hello, Im suprised I haven’t seen this yet. I see very positive comments here and a great application too. Hopefully will meet you in more games than just WaW. It’s a yes from me.
  6. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Hello there! Haven't met you since i mostly play on Server1 but you seem like a cool guy and you are a Vikings series lover so thats a big bonus Too bad netflix hasn't uploaded the latest episodes yet!! It's a yes from me for PDG! Good luck
  7. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    I really wanna go watch it! Thanks for recommending it.
  8. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Thank you for donating! Thank you all who have donated so far and special thanks to Emse2! Thanks to you all, we were able to cover our expenses for this month already.
  9. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Happy new year guys and girls!! Health and smile
  10. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    heheh nice one Zuko
  11. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Im sure there is an arrow next to your name on the top right corner
  12. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    You need to click on your name on the top right corner> Account settings. My steam is Kokomaaab
  13. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Broo, waduuup !! where the cazzo have you been? I’ll add u later on steam.
  14. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Alright, I have added a third option on the poll. Zuko, no Hardcore.
  15. Have an All modes World at War Server? Hello fellow members, A thought came into my mind and wanted to share it with all of you. I have noticed that less and less servers are alive around. This being said, players stick on our servers to he able to enjoy the remaining time of this game.. So I’ve thought that it would be a good time to show some more quality of World at War. To be more precise, I though of adding game modes like “War” and “Sabotage”. Those who have played these modes, must have been part of an old clan war or were around when other servers were still alive. However, for that to be possible, we would have to bring down the player count of the server. That is because those modes “technically” don’t support large player count. That being said, since we are barely covering our 2 servers financially, what would you think if we just brought down the player count to 28 instead of 44 on one of our servers? Let me know your thoughts! I also have added a poll for those who don't feel like sayin much.

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