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  1. Let’s Subscribe to my Brother’s channel! Hello guys! As I’ve requested on Facebook too, let’s support my younger brother AGG Slayer by a subscribing to his YouTube channel! He’s mostly playing Fortnite and does live streams. Thanks a lot for the support! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMA00RKb28FF3L3DudsLvyQ
  2. Should Tabun Gas be banned? It has come to my mind that gas has been misused, whenever i join this beautiful game, i feel a lot of my teammates are gassing the hell out of my ass.. It is uncontrollable. Join me in this little nice poll and share your opinion.
  3. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    I'm gonna give my opinion to this. I know how it looks for people who play this game in a daily basis, watching ipix playing with his style and getting away with it The team switching thing, i don't think that he should be BANNED for this, because first of all, its not against the rules, (unless there's a rule and i don't know), second there's no actual way of proving that he intentionally switches team at the end of the match. personally many times i have gone spectator if i hated the match, not switching teams though i would rather apply a no gas on dome rule, which would higher the satisfaction for all the players in my opinion, especially if u have ipix gassing his own teammates
  4. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    List Your Origin Account Here! Hello dears, In this list will be included all of us gamers' accounts who use Origin. The main purpose is to be able to play games together such as the new Battlefield V. Note that we have a discort channel and we are looking forward to hear all of you there! Discort Channel: https://discord.gg/3xCSK7 Origin: KokomabaZOo Note: It would be also helpful if the website management can consider adding an Origin Account Feature on the Profile Pain.
  5. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Its very promising
  6. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Motherfuckers... uhhh.. i dont know how to start this and sorry that im late here. I just wanted to say, its time..time...ime.. ITS FUCKING TIME WE MOOOOOVE!!! Of course im going to play BFV and i will do my best to contribute and have a server where it will help us grow. The thing is that, we are not moving all together. We do not share our thoughts about moving and having a server in another game. Therefore, Im afraid we will be talking about stopping one of our WaW servers (who knows). This game (BFV) looks quite good. I'm very sad to see peopleare stuck in the game and it gives the feeling to others that we are a WaW clan. FOr fuck's sake, there are other games out there where we can all enjoy. Don't hesitate to speak on Twitch. Im there always and we are all listening and reading. Sorry for the language and the fast talk, wasnt feeling like typing much but.... here my 2 cents. Keep it rolling boyz n girlz.
  7. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Expected some earlier replies here but.. Hey Nail Good to see that you're willing to join the family.. well, I mean we are all family anyways especially those who have been playing since Idont know when.. uhh more than 3-4 years? I think it would be a good point to recruit some fellas who are willing to play other games too. Some of us have been moving to other games such as Battlefield 1, Fortnite, PUBG, Far Cry 5 etc, some have followed which is good. Anyways, You're a cool guy with a sense in music, we've played along in the battle. Keep doing what you do and focus a little more in the game in skills apart from just having fun talk with the guys, since this is your possible recruitment Im sure you will be gratefully welcomed by a lot of members here!
  8. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    You came to this forum under a name that is insulting this forum and this community in general. I'm confused whether you want to discuss what happened in the server and the behavior of our admins or you just want to offend us. We have nothing against you, we can't behave in an arrogant way to our players, but I think its as simple as that. You was caught by our admins for not playing under our regulations and rules and you got warned for it. When you join a server, you would either have to cope with its rules or simply have join a different server. If you have a comment, feel free to post. I would also ask you to change your nickname.
  9. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Decision has been made. Welcome our newest member in the family! [PDE]NikosGreece Use the tag wisely Good luck bro https://www.gametracker.com/clan/PDElite.org/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/179434908740625/?fref=nf
  10. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    I would suggest if there is anybody else who would like to give his/ her feedback, do so now. Otherwise we shall proceed.
  11. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Ηελλο and welcome to our forums, make yourself at home!
  12. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Hey Niko! It's good to see our regular players applying for membership! I know you since a few years and i think u got a lot potential. I would just say I will keep a bigger eye on you from now on. Good luck and hakuna matata
  13. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    I think CTF on Banzai would be harder than nightfire lol, but I'd give it a go. I would also love to see HQ on knee Deep. I guess I need to play more on Server 2 from now on. Keep it up guys!
  14. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Hahahaah nice whan.
  15. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Hey man! Glad to see you here. Greetings to LBi
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