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  1. [PDE]Gavran

    Hello Markus, its been a while but i like(d) playing with You. I am glad that this is the moment i had time to browse the forum and landed on this post, and i am sure that PDE will suite just fine in front of your name. Cheers \m/
  2. [PDE]Gavran

    Hello to everyone, and Hell yeah! Nice work sir Karsey, and all of you that participated, it really is good to see all the faces of PDE. #! we should do this from time to time, Cheers!
  3. [PDE]Gavran

    Soundcloud Mixcloud
  4. hehe Zuko, ever heard of San Marino. greetings from Serbia (!Siberia). PS: One big hug for guys from the "Middle Earth", and all of you PDE friends. Sorry for skipping classes lately, its all fucked up in Mordor here.
  5. [PDE]Gavran

    Happy level up!
  6. Nice, very nice gameplay! That dust and rubble free floor @ 24m35s, that shiny oak just make me wanna tango with my girl.
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