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  1. [PDGA]Landerlow

    I have seen you a couple of times. You're a good player. Keep it up :) I will update this when I see you more often. (Timezones also play a role in this though)
  2. [PDGA]Landerlow

    Definitely a YES from me. Great player, always fun, up for banter, normal chatting, and he kills me persistently.
  3. [PDGA]Landerlow

    Already been doing that As you well know !duel flip
  4. [PDGA]Landerlow

    Ohai everyone, [PDGA]Landerlow here, AKA the first person to get the PDGA tag. I've been out for a loong while. But, recently returned Good to be back again. Moderating again on the servers, too.
  5. [PDGA]Landerlow

    I prefer all desert maps!
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